Assassins Creed: Origins


Giant Snakes because why the hell not at this point


Those aren’t snakes, they be called



I look forwatd to try it!
AC really needed to change! Revelations and Black Flag was for me, the two last good games they made.
But this looks good!

Yeah there’s a giant basilisk which were unexpected. But if this is made as a “game” by Abstergo, then it makes sense to add in some form of action elements. That’s the best way to justify it as of now :joy:
Then again, in AC brotherhood there were a giant squid.


That trailer got claps at the end…

Jesus H Christ… :laughing:



Not to mention mind controlled homing arrows.

That said I’m quietly hopeful for AC Origins. It seems that they’ve tried to revitalise some of their old mechanics and I just really love the setting.


He must have been trained by 47.


The combat was disappointing for me, at least from what they showed in the gameplay walkthough. Combat animations were really bad. :frowning:


Nothing wrong with the animations. They weren’t clunky at all like syndicate. They were quite smooth. I slowed it down to show how smooth and fluid it is. It is very Witcher 3-like and is totally free flowing. His “dodge” is more like a slide out of the way move. I kinda like it. Plus it was inside so the camera has to be close in.


Yes, you’re right. But I miss the seamless counter animations where the protagonist turns around and fends off attacks in AC1. Also, I don’t remember seeing multiple enemies attacking like the Witcher. God, that was kinda hard and fun in Witcher! :slight_smile:


#Here’s quite a bit of info about Origins.

Release Information

The game is intending to release on October 27th 2017.

The Protagonists

The main hero is an Egyptian called Bayek, a male Medjay - whom were Nubian mercenaries well known as protectors of the community, akin to a Sheriff of the time period.

Bayek is a play on words of the original hieroglyphic word for Falcon/Vulture.

Bayek is in his 30s when we first meet him. He is already a highly skilled fighter from the outset.

Bayek is described as intense, but not a brooding personality.

Bayek is not the only playable character. How many others/whom/gender are all currently unknown.

The Open World of Egypt

We will visit Egypt in the Ptolemaic era, with the rise and reign of Cleopatra VII. (Rough time frame 51 to 30 BC)

The landscape will feature pyramids, temples, sand dunes, mountains, cliffs, swamps, oases, salt formations, and of course the Nile river.

The cities of Memphis and Alexandria are both present in the game. The Alexandria Lighthouse and Library, as well as the Sphinx are all explorable.

Others areas confirmed in the playable area include Euhemeria, the Faiyum Oasis, and Lake Moeris.

The environment has been designed in a way that Bayek can traverse and climb anywhere that is visible.

It is possible to go underwater in both the Nile and lakes, and it is possible to find sunken ships, treasures, or hidden ruins.

Wild animals such as lions, crocodiles and hippos roam the land, and will attack each other - or the player.

Tombs are present and explorable for treasure.

There is a gladiator arena to engage in battles for glory.


The game features a brand new combat system, which is primarily hit box driven. Switching between melee and ranged is intended to be seamless.

Due to new AI systems, enemies will no longer wait for their turn in circles around the player, and will attack more randomly.

There is a target lock on button.

There is a dodge button.

Attacks can be blocked with your shield. Arrows can be removed from your shield to restock your own ammo.

Attacks are now triggered by the right side shoulder and trigger buttons on a controller.

There is a charged heavy attack.

There is no stamina bar.

There is an adrenaline gauge that fills as you fight. Once full, a powerful attack can be used by pressing both buttons.

Combos can be achieved, but takes far more timing and precision than previous titles to promote skill.

Confirmed usable weaponry: Fists, Swords, Spears, Shields, Bows, Hidden Blade.

Multiple arrows (up to 5) can be fired by a bow at once.

A damage meter appears above enemies when using the bow, and will show how much damage will be made to specific areas.

Two melee weapons and two bows can equipped and switched between at any one time. Your inventory can carry an infinite number though.

Weapons cannot break.

It is possible to fight whilst underwater.


A crouch button can be used to help move slowly and avoid detection.

The whistle returns.

The Hidden Blade returns.

Running from enemies will no longer display a ‘red danger zone’, showing when you are clear of trouble.


The sprint button has been removed. Instead, Bayek will fully run when the analog stick is fully pressed in the forward direction.

There are no longer parkour up and down buttons, in an attempt to make parkour more free flowing.

Both horses and camels are rideable. You can call for your horse.

Boats and ships are boardable upon the Nile. Feluccas are sailable.

There is no longer a mini map, instead using an Elder Scrolls style rotating compass to find areas of interest.

A full detailed map is still available when pausing the game.

Bayek has a female pet Eagle called Senu, which can be used to scan the environment.

Senu is fully controllable in terms of ascent, descent, and hovering - and will tag NPCs for you as well as their paths, as well as other interactive objects.

Eagle Vision is more of a pulse this time, and reveals hidden details around you - such as chests.

It is possible to slide down slopes.

Torches are equippable in darkened areas, such as tombs.


Competitive multiplayer will not return for this title.

The game will feature “connected features”, and the ability to compare yourself to other players. Whether that suggests co-op is unknown currently.


No info yet.

The composer is unknown.

Game Systems

XP levels return. The cap is level 40 currently.

There is an ability graph, differing from a skill tree in that you can focus on improving different abilities that are not interlinked.

There are three main disciplines, Seer (poisons, animals), Warrior (combat), and Hunter (stealth, bows).

There is an ability to tame animals.

Customization is back, with both individual elements and complete outfits. One features an Anubis style mask, as well as a Mummy inspired costume.

Statistics have been removed from clothing items, to encourage people to use the appearance they favour over utility.

Clothing has changeable colours, materials, and some extra visual effects (such as sand clouds) that can obtained from quests or vendors.

There is a loot system with various quality items and crafting materials ranging from common, rare and legendary variants.

There are no weight or space limitations to the inventory system.

Unwanted items can be deconstructed for materials, or sold to vendors.

Bayek has upgradeable elements with statistics that can be improved with crafting materials; Breastplate (damage taken), Bracers (damage given), Stabilizers (bow skill), Pouches (ammo capacity), and Hidden Blade (effectiveness).

A level 10 Bayek cannot assassinate a level 40 NPC without upgrading, due to the scaling of statistics. As such, ‘one shotting’ would be impossible if you are below level.

The world contains quests, many of which can be obtained from speaking to NPCs.

Certain quests can be completed in different ways, such as sparing or killing an NPC. They will have no impact on the greater story though.

NPCs have been provided full Day/Night script cycles, and will take time to travel, work, eat, sleep and even urinate through their days.

NPCs can be carried over your shoulder once more.

The Modern Day

The team acknowledges that it is the glue that holds the franchise together. But they are not yet ready to talk about it.

The First Civilization (Isu)

No information, though it has been suggested that the Pyramids were in fact their constructs.

Ubisoft Club

No information as yet.

Development / Staff

Work began on Origins in January 2014.

It has been headed up by Ashraf Ismail as Game Director, whom was also behind Black Flag.

Brand Historian is Maxime Durand.

The Creative Director is Jean Guesdon.

The Art Director is Raphael Lacoste.

The Lead Writer is TBC.


By preordering you gain access to the Pre Order Mission: “Secrets of the First Pyramids”.

There will be a Season Pass for DLC.

There are four editions available; Standard, Deluxe, Gold, and Gold Steelbook. The Gold editions contain the Season Pass.

Various merchandise will be available around launch including tie in books, figurines and collectibles.


Friend of mine who I constantly tease for supporting Ubisoft in all things showed me the trailer.

I was really surprised to see how dark he was, and to hear his voice. Oh my they really are willing to risk it all eh?

But seriously I like the atmosphere, I think I like the ancient settings more than anything-got flash backs from the first game. I won’t pre order or even buy it at full price. I’ll watch some videos and make my choice after a price drop.

Graphics look good, and I like the eagle and the bow and arrow. I have a feeling this is a 7.5/10 in the making.


correct me if im wrong. but wasnt 1 and unity the only ones in the series where the “assassination” was the highlight?

that just seems ridiculous to me. in a series called assassin’s creed


Syndicate had some pretty slick assassinations too. Different options to kill the target and all


For me virtual tourism has always been the main attraction of the AC series, that and the wonderfully free flowing movement across rooftops etc. So getting to do that while sightseeing in ancient Egypt is more than enough to get me on board.

They’ve definitely taken a lot of cues from other recent games, ranging from Tomb Raider to Horizon, and it looks like they’ve got a good mix with some interesting tweaks. Although I’m already lamenting the lack of a sprint button, I’m relieved the concepts of parkour up / parkour down have been thrown in a skip. Curious to see how much worse the base PS4 version looks compared to the semi-next-gen versions, since I seriously don’t wanna deal with Uplay if I don’t have to. Hopefully it’s pretty enough and performs well enough on PS4 so I won’t need to fire up that client again.


Ya I’m annoyed that they removed sprint. Plus, why remove parkour up and down buttons? They worked amazing. It was one the biggest issues when running around corners and such and the game would auto climb a wall or something. So the parkour up/down buttons addressed that.

Now that they removed those, how are we going to control when we wanna not climb and when we do want to? How is parkour going to work? Just run and it will do it automatically? I hope not. That would turn me away from the game immediately. I don’t wanna go back and have annoying climbs/parkour when I never intended to do it.

So I hope whatever they have for it, it works the right way.


EDIT: FYI, the guy playing it has no clue what he’s doing.


Bayek’s personality seems very similar to Altair… Altair was no hero really.


Well… I guess “some options” are there… but until you tell me that there’s an AC game where you have a choice between throwing someone off a ledge, kicking them down the stairs, dropping a chandelier, or locking them in an overheating Sauna, getting their friends to kill them by accident… Then we can talk about an AC game that really has “options to kill the target”. :wink:


Guess I need to look up what options mean. I must have got it all wrong :neutral_face: