Assassins Creed: Origins


I feel like the guy said maybe two paragraphs of speech most of which was casual observation can’t say it was enough for me to draw personality. But I see the resembles in the voice and direct speech.

Given the resentment I have seen in comments I was just surprised to see an exotic lead. Still very much eager to watch a youtuber speed bungle through this


Looks great to me… As a student in history, I really can’t wait to play it!

Apparently there is a collector’s edition with a statue of Bayek that costs 800 euros!


Nah… there are “some options”… just not many. :wink:
No harm there… a leaping hidden blade kill NEVER gets old! Been pulling that off since the first AC! :smiley:


Hands on… so far so good it seems:

Apparently, they changed a lot of things but managed to avoid turning Bayek into Batman.
(Too bad we can’t say the same for Spider-Man over there… I was literally having flashbacks of all the Arkham games in my head while watching this new Spider-Man game…)


We are less than a week away!!

The good news is that the game will be well-optimized for PCs this time around, as stated by director Ashraf Ismail. The system requirements look pretty decent too.


I’m excited and nervous at the same time. It’s the game that will have me stop playing hitman exclusively for the last 13 months. Excited cuz it’s my favourite franchise but nervous because hitman has been the only game that has me so attached that I might find the new AC boring and feel withdrawal from no hitman. Especially with this new content announcement this coming Tuesday.

What if it’s amazing and it will be released during my playtime during ac which will likely take me a couple of months to finish considering how big it is and how much I like to explore in open world games. Heck, the Witcher 3 took me 3.5 months to complete but that included both dlcs.

Ac’s dlc won’t be out in a month so we’ll see how it is. But I’ve missed my annual ac fix.

Edit: oh and I’m also nervous about Egypt. So many have wanted it, but I’m not sure about it. I’ve always loved the rooftop navigation. This game looks to have very little of it due to being in the desert so it may disappoint me just in that.


I am eagerly awaiting the release of the game, and more importantly, looking forward to Ubisoft staying true to their words around the game being RPG-heavy, having good optimization for PC, having a refined combat system reminiscent of The Witcher 3 (which I loved), amongst other changes.

Knowing that the game is going to be huge requiring heavy time investment, I can see only one option for your case. And that would be accommodating both games in your schedule. Like playing one every other day perhaps?

EDIT: I am slightly concerned about the potential reduction in scope to the climbing aspect as well. However, as long as there are massive forts, several villages to explore along with mountains and pyramids, I think there will be frequent “rooftop” navigation sections.

I am more worried about the new combat system going by the game-play videos out there. The new combat looks very fast paced, with enemies attacking relentlessly from all directions and angles. I hope it’s not very difficult to master.


Really? I have not seen many combat vids and the ones I have seen have been only with one on one battles. If combat is fast paced (but not choppy like how Syndicate was and that was just horrible), then I’m very happy because I too loved TW3 and its combat. If it’s hard then I’m really looking forward to that. I always love the challenge to get better and if lots of enemies are attacking at once as you say, then that makes me a bit more excited.

Do you have any vids you can link me to with this very fast paced and attacking relentlessly combat?


This developers’ livestream has some combat encounters. The player does not seem to handle combat well, but overall, the encounters do look fairly intense.


Ouch, 1hr 40+ mins. :neutral_face:

I’ll quickly skim through it and see if I find some combat.


The main issue I foresee with the new combat system is that people are going to struggle with placing the aiming reticule. If you check out some videos out there, you’ll see what I mean.

As an example, when you’re aiming your bow at an enemy charging at you slightly from the side, moving the mouse to place the crosshair on him accurately while moving backwards seems really slow, causing you to fire and miss, or the enemy striking you before you set the crosshair correctly. I hope this sensitivity can be adjusted based on player preference.


I wonder if the pyramids will house artefacts like the assassin artifacts in AC2 (can’t remember if these were in the other games). They’d be the perfect place for those puzzle/parkour missions.

I may get this game if it gets good reviews and the like. I am worried about lack of parkour in Eygpt, and honestly would rather Ancient Greece as a setting (Athens, Sparta, Thebes?) but I’m glad the franchise has gone back to being no guns, since I despise guns in AC games.


it took me 2 years because of hitman :joy:


Amazing trailer! Super hyped! :slight_smile:


This is quite interesting!


Canceled my preorder. Gotta play more hitman and unlock more gear for alt accounts for ET’s again. lol.

Edit: Didn’t cancel. Changed my mind.


So hyped! I’m currently making an analysis video on AC Black Flag, Unity and Syndicate :smiley:


Does anyone know how the performance is on PC? Has the Day 1 patch been released?


I downloaded patch 1.02 after I put the disc in to install. I’m sure pc has their day 1 patch release too.

I had a pretty fun combat battle earlier. I started with 1 guy and ended up battling 10 guys in a group. I did end up winning after about 3 mins. It’s definitely fun and the best combat in the series. I’m sure it will get better as I level up and upgrade my skills.

It’s also taking some time to get used to the new control scheme. But I like it.

I’m trying to upload the vid to YouTube but for some odd reason, it won’t upload.