Assassins Creed: Origins


Finally got that battle uploaded. Control scheme is a bit confusing so made things a bit interesting but I found a more classic style scheme and it plays much better with the button maps.

What I really like about combat is that it really is like tw3. You can press a button and lock on a specific target then press something to change to the next one beside or you can do what I did in this video and keep it completely open. But you really have to aim your strikes, and I really like that.

So here’s my first battle as it started as one and went on to about 10.
Combat has great potential.

And a little trinket i came across. :upside_down_face:


Good job taking down everyone! :slight_smile: Looking at the way you played the combat part above, it reminded me of The Witcher 3 combat (which is always a good thing as it’s quite challenging).

I wish the game allowed targeting better (not the lock target mode) so that the combat animations looked even better. Like at 1:03, you clearly step back in order to attack the charging guy, but Bayek swings his sword in a different direction. I think TW3 handled this better when it came to choosing the targets based on where the player was pointing the camera and the direction keys pressed? If the targeting system was done like Shadow of Mordor/War, I would be very happy! :slight_smile:

The game looks great and smooth. That’s a huge relief!


This was my fault, I believe. As I said, if target locking isn’t used, then you have to aim your hits a bit more. I might have done something off there to completely miss but I do remember that tw3 also had this where you’d strike where you aimed. And if you don’t aim (left stick idle on a controller), then the strike will go where your character is facing. It’s not automatic and you really need to do it yourself, and I like that. I like when games give the player the ability to put their own skill in the game.

And I can’t wait till I upgrade my skills. I don’t have parrying yet or using combos with striking or smoke bombs.


Hello everyone! In celebration of Origin’s launch(which was 2 days ago, I couldn’t record my audio at that moment because I got scared) I made a video on the franchise’s all the 3 next gen installments! Feel free to check it out!


The game finally actually interests me! And I haven’t said this about AC in long time. Combat looks good,the rpg elements add depth and I dig the enviroment. I’ll look at some reviews but I am definitely considering buying it.


Some interesting facts about the game and its development. Just goes to show how much hard work and effort go into every aspect to arrive at the final desired outcome we take for granted these days!


Isn’t it a Ghost Recon Wildlands clone? And instead of a drone to tag your enemies you use the falcon or eagle?
And it’s open world like Far Cry and Ghost Recon Wildlands?
For me it looks just like a Ghost Recon Wildlands and a Far Cry hybrid.
Maybe needless for me to say, but i’m not impressed with Ubisoft and their games anymore, but i didn’t finish Far Cry 4 so i might be hungry for Far Cry 5 after a long break from Far Cry.


They are pretty formulaic. I took a break from their games a couple of years back and just now started buying and I see great improvement and can enjoy them once again(Not the ACs though,Sindicate and Unity just didn’t appeal to me) and I saw a lot of improvement! Now I think imma finally get back into AC it looks good and way better then the last ones. I suggest that you do the same if they start looking repetitive. It happens with some developers


There is a lot more to all those games than just this. Assassin’s Creed is a swordfighting game, how is that a clone of shooters like Far Cry and GRW?


I’m thinking about the open world, upgrade system, tag enemies not with a drone but you eagle etc, why AC had to go open world like all the other Ubisoft games is something i don’t understand, Ubisoft have started to use one formula for all their games, so no games feel unique anymore, it’s like every game is a copy/paste world, Far Cry Primal used the same map as far Cry 4, GR:W wasn’t a Ghost Recon but a Far Cry type of game, it’s not hard to see that Ubisoft has gone lazy and not only reuse game content and abuse (will i say) game IP’s like they did with GR:W.


AC was always open world


News flash, buddy: always been open world.


I know, but not as open world like Origins is, in previous AC you was put in a map and when you finished you was back in the dream thing, this time there is not like that, everything is in one map.

I liked this answer better than yours @Aegis_Chrome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, not me asking here, but Anthony knew what Khrusayder meant and i meant the same thing as Khrusayder.


… Mate, there aren’t different levels of open world. Something is open world, or it isn’t, and AC is open world.


Dude, the non-animus parts were always the sideline of AC. The Animus sections are the part that the games are known for. Besides, multiple city maps have been a thing since the first AC. Besides, while I’ll admit that ubisoft does rehash and reuse lots of things in all their open world games, there’s far too little similarities between SGW and AC to call them clones. Upgrades have been around in video games for ages, and the drone thing is a cool aspect which was taken because… well… it’s cool.

Edit: also, Unity and Brotherhood (and possibly Syndicate and Revelations, I haven’t played either) were both completely open world with no loading screens.


Bruh. This legit makes no sense at all. Like ZERO.

What are you saying? Are you talking about the animus…? You do know that in EVERY AC…you can access the main game world at any point…right? And in every AC save for Unity and Syndicate, you can leave the Animus at any time you want.


The eagle is very much the drone from GR:W. also the drone is used in watchdogs 2. I don’t like this eagle thing now. First, an eagle CAN NOT soar them suddenly hover as it does. It’s stupid and it’s probably the only thing I do not like about the game so far. You can only tag enemies this way. No more scanning with our protagonist.

Also, these type of mechanics are used amongst a lot of the Ubisoft games. Ac did the synchronization thing back in ac1 and other games went that way too. Watchdogs 1 has you unlock some parts of the map like ac when you went to a cctv box and hacked it. Basically like synchronizing to the spot.

Also modern time is back in ac where you come back out of the animus and play the part of the human that’s in the animus. It went back to 3rd person like it was with ac1-3. This time it’s a girl.


If all AC have been full open world, why was the news about AC Origins going full open world so a big news?

And why didn’t AC Origins feel like a AC game if all AC is the same open world?

“Origins doesn’t feel quite like Assassin’s Creed. It departs from its action-adventure roots and fully enters the realm of the action-RPG–and it’s a welcome change.”

I have played AC 1 and AC Origins is far from been the same type game as AC 1, it’s full open world and AC 1 was not that, that’s why i didn’t understand why Ubisoft had to go full open world with AC Origins like they have done with Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Origins is an Assassin’s Creed that doesn’t feel like an Assassin’s Creed game should. Bayek doesn’t move or fight like an assassin. Bayek walks like a linebacker and swings his sword like a bat. He plays like a tank would. A heavily armored, medieval tank. Kind of like he belongs in For Honor instead of AC.

And Origins plays much like that. A familiar game, but in the wrong place. In fact, much of Origins played like Ghost Recon and ‪The Division.

So it isn’t a bad game. It just isn’t what you expect when you pick up the controller.

Thank you, that’s what i mean with Ubisoft copy stuff from other games and they do this more and more and FC, GR:W dosen’t feel that unique anymore and now they are doing the same thing with AC, borrowing stuff from other IP’s.

What’s that have to do with this discussion? I thought we were discussing AC 1 open world ish and AC Origins full open world?


Ac has never been TRUE open world. The only difference with this is that the map is massive. But with all AC games, there’s parts of the map you can’t access until you progress in the story. So like other open world games, you can go anywhere in the game at any time but in any ac, you can not. But that’s how it works in the franchise as the player has to unlock that part of the map with unlocking memory stems of the human from modern time.

But it is still an open world game and always was.
I think that article is more about being rpg open world than anything. But I didn’t read it. Not going to either.

So I’m telling you as someone’s who has played all AC games like crazy and someone who is only into open world 3 person games, all ac games are open world.

Edit: I’ve played the division and it doesn’t feel like that at all. This is the rpg element they are talking about. Progression, character building, etc. All new things to ac. Also the combat engine is more like the Witcher than any other ac game prior. But the game feels VERY MUCH like an ac game. The running, the parkour, the riding of animals, the way you interact with the world. It’s ac and any ac player can see that. Not sure what you’re talking about.


Is GTA San Andreas or Vice City or GTA 4 not open world, then?