Assassins Creed: Origins


I haven’t played any of those so I can’t say.


In previous AC titles too, you could get into and out of Animus at any point mostly. The difference this time is that the whole map becomes available after the first couple of missions, and there is no loading screen between areas. The entire map can be traversed in one shot seamlessly including interiors. That’s the big deal when they specifically advertise it open world this time.

Other than that, RPG elements like character progression, loot, crafting, etc. have been added to the game for the first time. And of course, as always, you have the stunning vistas!

I don’t see this as particularly detrimental as these games haven’t been bad. At least for AC: Origins, they’ve spent a good deal of time on extensive research while creating the game. It was not a hurried, pushed out release.


That’s what i mean is the difference between open world ish and full open world.

For me it’s bad when the Ubisoft games is watered out with game mechanics from other Ubisoft games, they loose their uniqueness.


Have you played Origins? Sure, it has more RPG elements, buts it’s still definitely the same game at heart.

It isn’t. I’ve heard about it once, and ‘true open world’ just feels like some phrase this site has coined for clickbait. It’s more RPG than previous games, sure. But it’s still an open world game with third person parkour, sword and dagger fighting and many sorry and side quests (often mundane, but that’s not the point). That’s what Assassin’s Creed is about, and this game is just the same as that.


I agree, this is stupid. Not that they had much of an option for scouting given the setting, eh? :smiley:

Really? That’s bad. They should have put this basic ability in. They explained viewing through the eagle’s eyes by stating that the protagonist Bayek is a warg, gifted with the mystical ability to see through the eyes of his spirit animal - Senu. It’s similar to Brandon Stark’s ability from GoT. But why can’t he do it normally then?


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“True open world” becomes a bullshit moniker then until someone can define what “true” means in this context. There has to be a set criteria.

GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, and 4 made it such that you can’t access the entire map until you hit certain story checkpoints. Is this not a true open world?

Witcher 3 has loading screens between 4 main world hubs, is this not true open world?

This entire debate of “Is AssCreed Origins open world or true” is idiotic until the participants are people who have actually played the franchise.


“True” in this context means just that. It signifies the ability to traverse the entire map with no loading screens at all points of the game from start to finish at any time.

It’s not.

It’s not.

What’s your business here then?


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What’s your business here then?

I’ve played every AC game to the core. I could run circles around you guys when it comes to discussing game mechanics and franchise design staples.


Or not. Better that way.


Some amazing screenshots captured in-game using Photo mode.


I’m spending quite a bit of time in photomode. Had ac twitter comment that they love my shots and someone asked if they could use them in one of their vids. Lol.

But here’s a few which I loved taking. Mine are PS4 pro so of course a pc wouir be much better. But I still love these angles and lighting.



Nice caps dude! :+1:

I am on PC myself, and currently have apprehension towards buying this game, what with talks about 2 DRMs in play, causing severe performance issues with continuous 100% CPU utilization. I hear about multiple users opting for a refund on Steam owing to poor performance.


Read about that today on Reddit and hopefully a patch comes soon.


I’m mixed on this one. Of course it’s stunning, large world. Lots to do.

Combat is ok, but when shield break and parry come in it gets ruined a bit. Adreneline moves are good though, some weapons could use some changes/tweaks.

The stealth is meh. Stealth tools aren’t that good imo. Poison from weapon should be different than applied poison. Applied poison should tic faster. Climbing anywhere gives a lot of advantage in this category.

Story regarding just Origins, i.e. Bayek’s life is decent. Story regarding overall AC series was disappointing. Addition of new protagonist was a good move, too long coming. Don’t particularly like the choice of an abstergo defect, I think an outsider being courted by both may have been better, but that’s subjective.

Story regarding First Civ was most disappointing for me. What contact there was in the tombs (also disappointing) was too vague. Considering what we’ve learned in the series I expected a lot more in this category, especially with how mysterious a place Egypt is. We should be past the point of mystery and more into individual First Civ people, plots, etc…

If I was new to the series I’d be more impressed. I personally feel too much went into the world and not enough into the story and tombs. They have really been skating on the story since Desmond. It seems to be getting back on track with new protagonist finally though at least.


@immadummee47 I was gonna hold off and wait for a sale but your combat video made me pull the trigger and buy it now. Looks like major fun.


Ya, the combat is really fun. You need good timing as spamming either attack or dodge doesn’t work fluidly. But that’s a good thing. You need to wait for animations to start/stop. It really has that risk/reward aspect to it.

Play it and come back and let us know what you think. @Bending_Cheese67 seems to be loving it too.


Yep, loving it so far :wink:


@Pissfloyd, trust you are on console. If you’re on PC, I would hold off for the time being.

Edit: Just read fully and noted that you already bought it. If you’re on PC, do let me know your specs and how the performance is once you get to playing the game.