Assassins Creed: Origins


So I got it on 27th and it is actually pretty great, but there are so many things that hold it back. It had crashed around 7 times on my PS4, there are constant frame rate drops and some occasional bugs and glitches. It took me a ton of time to know how combat works. In one of the very first few missions where you have assassinate a key figure I didn’t know you couldn’t instantly stealth kill those enemies who were more than your level. So I stealth attacked the target once, then tried to kill him with combat but just couldn’t do it. I spent around 2-3 days( playing 3 hours per day) just doing the same thing over and over again. I noticed that the target has 3 routes, and he is always on a different one when you restart the level, nice touch there Ubisoft :smiley: I finally got how the combat works, but then my sword(which was a dlc I got from the Deluxe Edition of the game) was very underpowered. I found a good one while doing a side quest and then did the some hunting to craft more melee damage. I really, really enjoyed doing this. Just completed Aya quest, does anyone know how big it is from here? Thanks :smiley:


You haven’t even reached a quarter of the game yet, it has 24 main quests :slight_smile:


A tip I found touched upon in most reviews: Don’t sell your epic / legendary items, as you can always upgrade those to your current level. For example, I wouldn’t sell the DLC sword you mention.


Some cool attention to details in the game! It would seem Ubisoft have outdone themselves this time. :slight_smile:




Amazing stuff!

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From what i saw when i was watching a playthrough is that it’s best to do some side missions so you can be on the same level as the main mission says, if the main mission is in red, it is because you are underpowered for that mission, i don’t have this game myself so i don’t know if you can still pull it off or not.


To anyone else interested in this game, it’s a must have.
From temples to swamps, to deserts to tombs, this game has so much beauty.


As much as I like the game, there’s a part that make me cringe (spoiler alert).

It’s when Ptolemy said “If you ally with my sister, I will kill every last Roman in Alexandria.” to Julius Caesar. To be honest, in real history, Egypt is no match to Roman, if Ptolemy really did say this, Caesar will be like.
(Still, this history inconsistence is not as bad as in Assassins Creed Brotherhood, where in truth Niccolò Machiavelli is actually an admirer of Cesare Borgia)


I finally bought the Deluxe edition! I just started playing the game and am getting a pretty decent 50+ FPS on Ultra High settings so far. CPU usage seems to be fair too.

The draw distance is astounding!


Awesome!!! It’s def worth it. My pics were from the PS4 pro but you can really see a big diff in a PC quality pic.

But hurry up to level 40. You have less than 8hrs left for the first elusive Target (Anubis) that’s out right now. :crazy_face:

Just go try it just to experience the beast that it is.


I heard that Anubis will appeared every 4 weeks so it’s not elusive.


Oh really? I thought it would be a new one. Not the same thing.


What?! We have timed events in this game too? I hate it that one has to be at a specific level for these events, and I am disappointed that I’ll be missing out on the loot. I was looking forward to taking my time with this game. I guess I’ll have to settle for watching someone else do this trial then.

Elusive targets in HITMAN are at least manageable even if you haven’t unlocked anything.


"You can test your skills as many times as you want during each event, but you will only unlock one weapon per event. Don’t worry if you miss one, you’ll have another shot to take on that god in the future."

This makes me happy. :slight_smile:


You know you’ve played too much hitman when you play Assassins creed SA/SO, Targets Only. :joy::joy::joy:


Nice! I am literally doing the same with forts. :slight_smile:


I wish we could pick up a knocked down or sleeping npc. But at the same time it makes it a bit more challenging as you have to know where to ko an npc so they don’t get spotted where they lay.

How are you doing with the control scheme? I’m using alt settings as I prefer combat on my face buttons and my parkour on my bumper and trigger.


I was initially struggling with the new scheme but then got used to it after a couple of hours. I am using keyboard and mouse.

Yes, I wish we had that option too. However, the whistle mechanic is very OP in my opinion, and it can be used to manipulate enemies easily.


Oh ya, forgot about that. :+1:

Well it’s basically like using an audio distraction with hitman so I don’t see an issue with it. I usually forget to use it anyways. I actually like to use arrows as a distraction too like pistol distractions in hitman. Or throw my torch. It’s fun to use.