Assassins Creed: Origins


I spent a lot of time whistling and taking photos today. :smile:
I am yet to get into serious combat and missions to try out various options. The attention to detail is stunning!


So far I am really loving the game and I think this is my favorite AC game where my last favorite was Unity.

The game mechanics are what they are so I made my peace with it a long time ago and now I choose which AC game to play based on the background. So I fucked with the first one and the first 2 Italian ones, fucked with the french one and I fuck with this one hard core. I had to do a hard pass on the American one, English one and the pirate ones.

So Micro transactions. So just like Unity knowing that a game is trying to sell me power ups and what not makes me play it differently. So since everything is level locked I am determined to grind the fuck out of this game, like I did Unity. I had all top level gear in Unity before the 4th chapter of the game. In Origins I was level 17 before I met my wife, so I didn’t have an assassin’s blade for a good almost half of the possible levels (40) Playing on hard mode is the only way to bring any kind of challenge I feel I have split the game wide open.

I don’t spend money on weapons-money is pointless. I got one horse I liked the description of, and a few outfits for the same reason but otherwise there is no need to upgrade or do anything with money. Everything you need is out in the world and in abundance you just have to go get it.

The combat is pretty good. It feels like they want you to be defensive minded with the combat. I start off everything with my shield up and ready to parry that first attack. I like the weapon variants, and still don’t have a favorite mostly because I like them all really love spears, staffs, heavy blunts and swords.

The ability tree is solid if not for a few pit falls and waster power ups but that is to be expected in a game with micro transactions. I have chosen to give a balanced approach but with a skew towards seer.

The views, the design, the buildings are all very well done and I am impressed. As I said I get AC games because of the historical setting and I am well pleased with how they recreated it. Admittedly I was both high and ill when I started playing this game-but the intro of the game was very well done I thought. The cut scene right up until the battle with the body guard was pretty good and got me right into the game.

There is more I could say but I am only about level 20 and have yet to really experience the main story. I must say how surprised at how fast the masked ones are going down, I guess some plot twist in the story is up because there is only one masked one left sooo I dunno.

Otherwise good game I am well enthralled even after having broken the level system-stealth is not as rewarded as I had hopped as level still caps all and level can be skirted by crafting. I had legendary pouches and maxed out quiver before I left Siwa. But I am still slaying with a level 1 weapon. Weird system.


You are level by your character, not your weapon. The levels are based on experience, not damage. That’s how an rpg works. Your weapon being level 1 and still works is because it still deals damage, level 1 damage but still damage. If you go to a toolsman and upgrade it to your current level, you’ll see how it will raise the damage/second of your weapon.

So it’s not weird. That’s how rpg games work.


This is actually a very good option provided in this game. Helps you stick to your favourite weapon, especially if you paid for it by getting the deluxe or higher editions!


I figured all that. I know the guy can raise your weapon stats.

I get how RPG’s work.

I am noting my surprise that the level 1 weapon works so well and doesn’t seem to be holding me back.


Well why would a level 1 weapon hold you back?? It still deals damage and as long as you’re skilled for combat with dodge, parry and attack, a weapon wouldn’t ever hold a skilled player back.

Even if a level 1 weapon was giving off 1pt, literally 1pt of damage, it’s still damage. This just puts more skill into the player’s hands than the game helping you do it.

To me it sounds like you’re really good a combat.


I know the level 1 weapon will do (some) damage of course. However I am surprised to see it still be an effective weapon when I am using it against level 15 and above enemies.

I just expected to get to a point where a level 1 weapon was just too trash ass garbage against level 12 and above enemies.


Ah ok. I gotcha. So what you’re saying is that they should have a bigger separation in damage points from level to level. As of right now, they are too close together and ya, I agree with that.

Are you playing on hard? That could help with a bit more of a challenge? But I don’t find that combat that much different from normal, actually.


yeah i started on hard and it took a little to get used to. I suspect regen is mad nerfed and take damage at a higher rate.


The game looks and runs beautiful! Fortunately, I don’t seem to have the high CPU usage issue several others are facing at the moment, but I have to say that the game is very well optimized for PC.



I don’t understand why there’s so much negativity towards the narrative of this game. The whole idea of the ‘Origins’ of the Assassin Brotherhood is so great. Bayek is perhaps one of the most charming characters in the series, and I think this game haa the most emphasis on real historic figures in the franchise. Sure, it dosen’t articulate itself well at times but I loved it, and I think any AC fan would.

They nailed the lighting, bloom effects and draw distance. The brightness and contrast is perfect and the surroundings look almost real. The draw distance is stunning. But the frame rate is horrendous on the PS4. It gets dropped to as low as 25 while in areas like Alexandria, and is even worse in the cutscenes, dropping between 22-25. After the patch 1.04 (1.05 just came out, but my internet connection is very slow) textures don’t load for as long as 10 seconds, and the low quality textures are heavily immersion breaking.

In one of the very first few missions in which you have to assassinate a key figure I didn’t know that enemies who are above your level cannot be killed by stealth attack(on the first try), but their health reduces a little bit, and on the other hand they could kill you in just 2 or 3 attacks. The level’s suggested level was 5 but I was on 2. And because I couldn’t kill the target by one stealth attack and kept dying because I hadn’t funny understood how the combat works, so I constantly died and replayed the level 20 times(no joke)! While doing this I saw the target had 3 routes, and he always picked up a different one every time I restarted, nice touch there Ubisoft! Every main quest has its suggested level above 2 or 3 than the previous one, so it became necessary to level up. And to do that this game forces you to do side quests. I hate that because I like to do the main campaign first. The side quests are actually very well made, and I enjoyed playing them but in my opinion the game shouldn’t force you to play them. Other than that, the gameplay is gold here. The map is even bigger than that of Black Flag’s and most of the area in that game was either sea or non explorable but this time most of the area is land. There are hundreds of quests and a tons of other side activities like hunting and completing location objectives. This game just like Unity and Syndicate has a crouch button (thank god!) and the location design is pretty great, there are tons of camps and bandit hideouts which you can infiltrate and there are bushes/vegetation where you can hide, a feature which was in Black Flag(I completely forgot mentioning this, but the same team at Ubisoft Montreal that made Black Flag developed this one. Black Flag is considered as the second best AC game by most people :D).

By the way I made a video review of this game on YouTube in my country’s language Hindi, showing stealth gameplay in the background and discussing the topics I covered in this post in further detail, so feel free to check it out!


Is anyone facing massive performance issues after the latest update (1.05)?
My performance score just went from pre-update High to post-update Low. The game is a stuttery mess now.

You can notice an insane amount of spikes in the graphs in the benchmark results below.


Console master race? :smiley:


More like incompetency and inadequate testing. I can’t imagine how they could make performance worse than before.

Edit: Just searched and found this. Surprisingly makes results at my end look decent.


Someone suggested on Reddit that they did it in purpose to promote Xbox One X sales since they have a deal with them. Of course I don’t believe it, but sometimes it makes you wonder. Would companies ever do this? Make one/two platforms worse on purpose to try and sell the other they have a deal with?


At this point, I am inclined to believe anything. :slight_smile:
This update rolled out to PC a solid 6 days after the consoles. I have no idea how they messed it up.


I set up a Reshade preset for natural colouring and adaptive sharpening to remove the blurriness caused by anti-aliasing. The game looks tons better!


i haven’t had as much time to sink my teeth into this game as i had hoped when i bought it unfortunately… i cracked level 17 last time i played, but from what i’ve played so far, i’ve been impressed… the map is huge and glorious to stare at… combat took a bit getting used to, but it’s starting to pay off… and the fact that i can do a lot of quests in stealth, is a pleasant welcome… in previous games, a lot skirmishes were just button mashing affairs… but ACO’s rebuilt combat system rewards those who are more patient… and sanu helps in that regard, being able to scout the area for the best approach :sunglasses:

and i like that ubisoft is supporting the community on twitter with liking and sharing screenshots from us fans… some companies don’t embrace the fans like that (cough naughty dog cough cough), so it’s a good thing, considering that they did include the camera mode after all…

perhaps by the end of the weekend i’ll have hit level 20 :stuck_out_tongue:


I am still very much enjoying the game. the level system still feels broken and very much can be exploited but I expect that in a game with micro transactions were level ups and supplies can be bought for real money.

I am at level 22 and just got done with the Scarab. I did like the way that unfolded and how we figured out who the target was.

Ended up upgraded one or two weapons with legendary gold status or whatever so now I am mowing down soldiers like grass.

I really like the AI in some ways. Those mercenaries that roam the map is a good idea. I am glad that even over leveled as I am they are still a challenge. I love that I have to stalk them and pick em off one at a time. I like that the soldiers sleep, eat, and pray and that they collect the bodies of their fallen comrades.

Getting MGS:Phantom Pain flash backs for sure. Makes me wish that game had a drone or some shit like the bird.

Not even half way through the game still large chunks of the map I can’t even visit.


I was fairly impressed as I wasn’t expecting something like this from an Assassin’s Creed game. :slight_smile:
And I was clueless and literally stuck for around 10 minutes at a certain point of the mission involving this target.