Assassin's Creed Valhalla


not a big fan of how it looks/plays. very janky, although that might change upon release (obviously)


This is Ubisoft we’re talking about. It’s not like they haven’t released janky games, especially janky AC games. As for the looks, it really reminds me of the Witcher 3

With the old AC games, up until Syndicate, the series suffered from not much innovation between games, the tired old story with we good, we assassins, they bad they, they templars, same old game mechanics with same old combat system that really got more janky with each game.
Starting with Origins, I think the series now sufferes from an identity crisis, wanting the new games to be more and more like Witcher 3 and throwing the old ideas out the window.

I’ve read that if Patrice Désilets, creator of the IP was still at Ubisoft, he would had taken the series into a total different direction.
Leave it to greedy people like Ubi to milk a franchise dry :frowning:


I read that AC Valhalla is the first AC that introduces dismemberment into the combat system. So Ubisoft finally broke the long tradition of AC’s combat. Looking at Hitman, I’m still hoping IO is planing to introduce it to the Hitman series as well, because, when done right, it would improve the feel of combat. The combat part of Last of us 2 looks nice for example.

It would be time consuming and unnecessary to add a dismemberment system into a game that is focused on stealth and the occasional gunfight with cough guns cough. You can have better gore system similar to the one in Red Dead Redemption 2 where bullets can leave some pretty gnarly holes / wounds in a body, I think that would be more fitting.


Well yes, I ment that a fleshed out combat system, similar to Red Dead or Last of Us would be a nice to have feature in Hitman, as it is the one game where it fits the most.

Though, killed npcs in Hitman never disappear and stay on the map, which is probably a tough technical challenge to work around, when aiming for a detailed ragdoll damage model, like the one in last of us or red dead.

…but it would be awesome to have something like this in Hitman

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Would this mean that players would have to pick up each individual piece separately to dispose of the body? If it does, then I can already see people avoiding dismemberment system like a plague.

Honestly, I don’t feel that improving combat in Hitman would benefit it all that much. Lots of games do combat, but nobody does social stealth quite like Hitman. That’s the area that should be improved at any opportunity. Otherwise, it might end up the same way AC did – an amorphous blob of game design ideas with no real identity of its own.


YongYea sharing his thoughts on his experience with the game

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The thing is, Hitmans combat already is somewhat at the level of last of us 2, it just lacks in detail in terms of bullet wound/ body damage and splatter effects, which might as well be only due to technical limitations because, as mentioned earlier, npcs in Hitman always stay on the map.

Take a look at the Lou2 video I linked above. What do you see there, that doesn’t fit to Hitman, or isn’t already in the game, just in a much less detailed version?

A simple solution to this: Play stealth
Or use low caliber guns, poison, a knife… a master assassin always finds ways.

That’s what I’m saying. What’s the point of spending resources on the feature if players will purposely avoid it because it doesn’t gel with the rest of the gameplay?

Plus, I’m not really sure if more realistic violence would fit tonally with Hitman. LoU2 purposefully wants to make you feel like shit. Hitman wants to make you feel clever. The last thing you would want is for players to be horrified of the results of their own plan going right.


Its because all the features are already inside the game. Bulletwounds, bloodpools, slitting throats with a knife. You make it sound like Hitman doesn’t have any of those things. To clarify, im not looking for a change in Hitmans tone to make it “gruesome” as lou2. Just that a more detailed ragdoll damage model would fit the game perfectly and enrich the sandbox by adding some authenticity to combat.

All those killing methods are in there, sure, but IO would need to make a gore system and apply it to the base male / female models and maybe to other body types if they want to add variety not to mention, taking all weapons and weapon wounds that can be applied to an NPC’s body into consideration which would mean more resources like people, money and time spent of the gore system alone which I doubt IO can afford. They’re not R* or Naughty Dog and Take-Two and Sony being their sugar daddy.
We might see this stuff in future Hitman titles, maybe when this kind of tech is much easier to implement and also cheaper.

Well, I wasn’t expecting them to have it in Hitman 3, but one can always dream :slight_smile:

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Seems that Ubi is not even trying anymore. Wouldn’t it have been better if your choice of gender at the start of the game could have some sort of impact on missions that get locked / unlocked / altered because of your gender instead of switching on the fly?

The only game that I remember this sort of thing working was in Morrowind where a member of a Great House would only allow and do business with female characters. Limited sure but that was 2002. They could do so much more with this idea with today’s capabilities.

Beard off

Beard on

Since they both have the same body (only difference being the arms and head ofc) I guess Ubi cheap-ed out and had only one person to mo-cap the main character. The same studio that by the time Unity was revealed, they said it would take way too much resourced to have a both a male and female character in the game.

Guess it would have costed them just too much dosh to have the characters be unique according to their gender.

One thing I found odd and even mildly irritating about Syndicate is that there really is very little point in playing Jacob. The buffs for taking more damage that Evie has are sufficient, to say the least, and she can actually be invisible, but in a fist-fight she beats the crap out of the hardest opponents with no trouble just as easily as Jacob. So it was a bit of a thing trying to differentiate the two within the game, nice idea, but seriously, why bother playing Jacob except where there’s no choice?

Never played Syndicate but from what I saw from gameplay videos, he’s sort of a comic relief and the butt of the joke in most situations.

I think Ubi was too afraid to have an AC game with a female character as a lead so they decided to have both.

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They should have made it Evie’s game. I was annoyed every time they forced me to play as that buffoon and switched back to Evie as soon as humanly possible.


Does the gameplay demo contain any stealth? I just skipped through it and it was always open group combat.


I think Odyssey should have also been Kassandra’s story since her ending is canon, I think, haven’t played that one either. Also a lot of people didn’t like Alexios’ voice.

As for Valhalla I think they should have went with the dude only since women were not considered viking warrior but instead shield-maidens OR have them both but make them unique instead of just changing the head of the model and the voice.

Oh and since it’s an RPG, make it so that your choices matter in your RPG, even the gender and not switch on the fly. I say that if a game is good and fun to play, people will replay the game multiple times and play both characters but oh wait, Odyssey was a grinding-fest so that’s why Ubi thinks people may not want to replay the game with the other character, so “change it on the fly, problem solved”.

They did not but check YonhYea’s video that I posted above. He has some gameplay with stealth and he says it’s not perfect in the current build that he played.

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GmanLives thoughts on the game