Assassins like 47 in fiction (tv shows/movies)

So guys, I’ve been searching for Assassins in movies and Tv series, they can be either a secondary character or even tertiary, the first example of characters that I’m looking for is the Russian Operative in Red Sparrow who kills a politician with his leather jacket and motocycle helmet on. Is there any other show or Movie that depicts that kind of character as a villain or an encounter ?

I’m not entirely sure if this is what you’re looking for, but there’s a comedy series named Barry, it’s on HBO and it’s about a hitman who doesn’t want to kill anymore, and it’s pretty good! There’s even a character named Fuchs :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I heard of it ! It is not exactly what I look for though …
It has to be a villain, really serious barely no talks, 47 but on the bad side


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The original version of “The Mechanic” (Charles Bronson) might be up your alley as well.

Golgo 13 from manga and anime rather similar to the 47th character as a merciless and unemotional assassin. One significant difference - Golgo loves women. However, if they need to be killed, he will not falter.
If not against anime, you can watch tv series. Format - one series, one contract. Golgo is the main character.

The Assets (CIA globally stationed assassins) from the Bourne films always reminded me of 47. Particularly when they picked off targets stealthily, such as when Clive Owen’s character sniped Wombosi through a window from a rooftop in the first movie.


I prefer the remake with Bruce Willis but the point still stands. Nothing comes close.

Here’s my list:

  • Bourne movies (my fave but not enough murderin’ imo)
  • (The?) International (there’s a bald[ing] assassin character)
  • John Wick is pretty close but not quite
  • There was a Hitman™ movie, right?:grin:

There’s not enough assassin movies with actual technique in them. Movies tend to focus on other stuff and not on the assassining-murderin’:unamused:

I loved it as a kid how Jason Bourne had a poison syringe ready in the hotel, but when the other person came in, he had to transition to a pistol instead😁 That’s like the #1 thing I remember from the movies. Fucked up childhood, amirite🤣

But… 47 is on the bad side🤔 He’s a criminal. That’s why the cops want to shoot him on the spot if caught. Caught in a criminal act.

First : Do not ever mention the Hitman movies in my face.
Second : yeah I agree with you there is not enough of that. If I can ever be a film director I’m gonna make you guys the best Hitman adaptation that you could ever have.
No I don’t mean 47 is on the good side or bad side , I mean he is the character we are following.
The kind of character I’m looking for is exactly like the assassins from Bourne movies, or exactly like Sergei Matorin from the red Sparrow movies, or the Chinese assassins team from the tom clancy book Threat Vector. I’m pretty sure there are Plenty of them but I just can’t find any of them on the net. I’m trying to make a list of all the assassins in fiction and I’ve been trhought pretty much all the most famous ones So now I’m looking for the least famous, the ones that we barely now the names of.

YES ! I know Golgo 13 of course ! He is actually on the second position of my favorite assassins from pop culture. The only thing is that I’m French and the manga is not edited in Frange, there is only the Tv series in DVD and two Best-of with 13 stories each but only one of them is still on the market the other one is unfindable or sold for 300 euros on the internet :sweat_smile: I absolutely Love Duke Togo

This was painful to read :joy:


Don’t you DARE criticise my Brucie.

Richard Gere’s Irish accent was fucking AWFUL though

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Then there’s Jack Black :unamused:

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He told him it was off :upside_down_face:

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The show Dexter comes to mind

Nothing beats Frederick’s Forsyth’s The Day Of The Jackal, or even gets close to it really. And obviously Edward Fox all the way as the Jackal, the Willis/Gere film was beneath contempt.

Not on the same level, but English author Tom Wood writes a series of books about an assassin of unknown European origin called Victor (see that are very readable in an airport-thriller kind of way. Recommended if you need a fictional assassin fix.

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First thing that came to my mind were a few characters from Breaking Bad, namely the twin cousins are similar to 47 in numerous ways. Mike Ehrmantraut isn’t primarily an assassin, but his skills, confidence and ingenious improvising in action is also reminiscent of 47’s style.

Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men


Brother Mouzone from The Wire

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