At 1:37 in the video,when he punched the guard,why isnt that move in the game?

that was badass though


most likely because it shows a “punch down” animation even though you have to KO them after they hit the ground. most likely they didn’t wanna deal with editing the animation.


This animation was ripped straight from Absolution. When this gameplay demo was presented, they most likely didn’t have all the new animations developed and ready to show off.


It seems to be a leftover from Absolution, they probably had it on an early build, but in the final game, they maybe wanted to differ from Absolution as much as they can with all of the fans disliking it.


yeah,i get it now,but gotta admit it would be cool to see more animations,wouldnt it?

Hell yeah dude that was way cool, they should hella bring that animation back for NPCs that don’t need to be KO’d after the first hit.

That trailer in general is tight. Got me so amped for the game. The music that plays in-game should totally sound more like this trailer song.


ya,idk why so many on the fourm despise at it for some reason,lmao
and greetings from america

Of course.
But it was their choice not to implement it on the final game, so, yeah, these are sad times.

The move in the trailer is a leftover from Absolution. I’ve fought so much in Absolution that i remember all the QTE moves.

It’s strange how almost no one noticed that many original fighting moves were omitted from the game. I don’t remember which patch, but around the time of Sapienza’s release, QTE moves got removed. I noticed it almost instantly. Here’s 2 links about the matter.


exactly,idk why most of the people on the forum get that