Attention Meter Improvements [Suggestion]

So the latest game update 2.50 removed the attention meter spikes and makes it nearly useless (depending on the view angle)
My suggestion is not only to bring the spikes back, but also divide it in 4 blocks:

The 1st block shows the player he´s in the line of sight of an enforcer. Once the half moon shape is filled, the outline of the 2nd block will appear.
If this 2nd block is filled, the outline of the 3rd block will appear. The npc get´s a question mark and looks at your last known position for a few seconds.
If the 3rd block is filled, the outline of the 4th spike shaped block will appear. The npc get´s a question mark and walks towards your last known position.
Once the 4th spike shaped block is filled, you´re spotted.

In hostile areas the attention meter turns red.

I think this would make the attention meter much easier to understand and the gameplay mechanics better to use to your advantage.

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i can see why you would want it but that just looks horrible


so does the current one. btw i´m no professional designer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: can you do better? i´ll wait for yours then.

Split the current arrow one into having bars is immediately better looking for example


i wish back old colour stripe of susrisions like in Blood Money - it is conveniently located in the corner of the screen and does not distract from the gameplay

like IvanTheRysavy said

and alarmed

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I think would be appropriate if this meter will be blinking or somehow else notify player when attention is gained and you are seen

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What do you mean useless from certain angles? It’s more seeable than previous


just look at the left on my screenshot. the meter almost disappears, don’t you see it?

I can see it clearly


Or just turn it back to it’s good version.

Please don’t it really does help for visibility for people with poor eyesight like me

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Then give us the option to choose. The old one was fine and this looks awful imo. Not even changing the color will fix this for me.

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Well yeah given an option is better

maybe remove indicator of attention in left corner of screen (because he distracts us from the gameplay(