August 26 Lust Community Featured Contracts Discussion

The winners are:
@Bulcer with Dartmoor Garden Massacre
@Pootis.exe with The Casanovas
@GlogolZ with Romeo & Juliet

Congrats! Ive only been able to play Romeo & Juliet but I thought it was great. I’ll edit in the other ones as I beat them

Edit: i like how casanovas used the sound of the neck snapping as part of the challenge. I think it took a bit long tho with waiting for them to get into the one place thats best to kill them. It was okay

Edit2: DGM was really good too. I liked that it felt like a regular contract just with good kill restrictions. The hiding bodies thing also provided an interesting challenge


Congrats to the selections.

Now that I am back from holidays, I have a month of content to catch up on. Got to start planning for the next sin.


Wow, that was my first featured submission ever! I was really surprised to win

Hope you enjoy my contract!
Good luck)


Congratulations to the winners. Agents, I leave you to prepare.

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Congratulations to the winners! Good luck with further contract creation! :sunglasses: :+1:


Congratulations to the winners, I have completed Romeo and Juliet and I look forward to playing the other contracts.

I’m not sure it this is the quickest method out there (although I am currently #1). I tried using different strategies at first but it was a bit glitchy.


That’s probably the biggest reason they didn’t choose your contract and I’m glad they didn’t because, like me, there are many others who are willingly not buying the DLCs for various reasons. For me, the reason is that the complete DLC costs more than the base game here in my country. Even though I can afford it, I’ll never support such business.

So I’m glad that at least they aren’t choosing contracts which require paid items.


In addition, Clemens and co. tend to not pick contracts with specialty items. While there may be the odd contract (IIRC, there was a contract in H2 that required a reward from the Snow Festival), they are the exception and not the norm.


I had a problem with the audio and the In-game audio wasn’t recorded…sorry for that, I still hope someone can get something from this runs, congrats to the winners!

01:08 “Romeo & Juliet” By @GlogolZ (Mendoza)
07:00 “The Casanovas” By @Pootis.exe (Berlin)
12:33 “Dartmoor Garden Massacre” By @Bulcer (Dartmoor)


Your choice not to purchase. My choice to use the weapon. It fits my narrative, that’s why I used it. Maybe they should have stated that they don’t use specialty items and I wouldn’t have wasted my time.

I skipped the garden massacre as it seemed to spread out but I’ll probably come back to it.

The Casanovas was very good and I think I have made a good method. I did it in 3:55 with an SA rating although you could easily tweak my method to make it SASO.


I bought Hitman III digitally. It disconnects me from the server several times daily. It also freezes and crashes 3-5 times daily. I own Hitman 2 on disc and it plays beautifully. IOI has made a glitchy, bug-filled game in Hitman III and that is a shame they cannot hide from. This latest “rule” is a joke and I’m not wasting any more of my time on Featured Contract creation. Just another way to get screwed over by IOI…

Thanks for completing my contract, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

I tried to make it more player-friendly, rather than just “simple”, so there were no problem getting done with it.
I wanted the player to use different tools and methods (like grape-crusher or lemonade serving) too.

And it’s amazing, that the good friend of mine (@GlogolZ ) got chosen as well! I’m truly happy, if you don’t mind me saying like this)

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Is the FC count bugged for anyone? I was on 50 before completing these 3, but now it’s showing 52 completed. The final one didn’t register as I did see it change to 52 after completing 2 of these.

I got that bug too. The FC on Berlin and Mendoza are counted but not the one located in the Garden Show.
Maybe the counter only registers the contracts that occurs on initial Dartmoor, not the Garden version.


About to start these in a bit, how were they?

Not to be that guy, but Jack_Mustang does make some killer contracts. Using DLC items is a dumb idea though. I do hope he returns and submits other contracts.

We all have our meltdowns every now and then.

@Pootis.exe you’re an animal. I do love the way you need to distract NPCs from neck snaps though.


Yep same here, did Dartmoor last. Hopefully they’ll fix this with the upcoming patch. I’ll report it in the bug report thread meanwhile.

Brilliant contracts.

I didn’t care much for the Dartmoor Garden Show one. I hate that map with a passion. I did like the kill methods though.

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That contract definitely suffers from the map having just one starting location. I don’t care about that map either, but it would become much, much better if they added the boat/greenhouse starting location.


Congrats to all the contract creators! Back from my holidays so couldn’t submit one – and have a lot of content to play. Really looking forward to some Hitman again.