August Content Schedule


1 new unlockable item :smiley: :roll_eyes:



You know the beast @mendietinha will do a beast job of choosing content


inb4 samurai laser guided nuclear walking Japanese rubber ducky


No Season 2 :(:sleepy:


Either next year or 2019 mate! :grin: :+1:


No game update?:thinking: New unlockable item and contracts choosen by mendietinha? Yes, it’s gonna be good!


Player curated contracts sound great! Congrats to @mendietinha!


I wonder what the unlock is.

Maybe something to do with the Kill Bill plot since it is in the picture and it’s a revenge movie. So maybe a sword?


Wont there need to be a game update to add the challenge pack & unlock?


Ya guessing a sword too. Still would rather have my sedative syringe than that.

And congrats to @mendietinha for being the first curator.


Briefcase confirmed.


i guess unlock is gonna be sedative syringe.
let’s hope lehtal melee shaped into eifel tower

we knew ETs are over but surprizingly no escalation(s), thats made me sad actually

curator idea is really nice. congs to @mendietinha


Don’t care about contracts or challenges, but the curator idea is nice.

I am slightly interested about the item though, hopefully its not just a re-skin, i wont get my hopes up :grin:

Is that it for Hitman news/updates for August? Won’t they announce something at gamescom?
wink wink, nudge nudge :wink:


They don’t remove past escalation contracts do they? Not something ive particularly played in the game, but still need to complete the 10/10 challenge for the TAC covert


Does that mean we get 10 featured contracts chosen by the developers and 10 chosen by @mendietinha.

That means there will be 20 contracts right ?


Finally, the suitcase!




Ooh, user-curated contracts is a neat idea! And mendie is a good first pick. It’ll presumably be biased toward open-ended contracts for speedy players, but that’s cool, as those kinds of contracts are usually good for most everyone.

Pretty trusting of IOI to announce a future date for a user curated collection. (Unless mendie has already submitted his picks.) Not that mendie’s not to be trusted, but if they keep doing these things, you just know that there’s gonna come a point when some player will flake out and not submit his choices by the deadline, and Travis will be begging him over email…

No escalations and no game update is sad. But… well, it’s not surprising; the game’s getting old. A new unlockable is cool even though it’ll likely be useless.

What do people think the challenge pack will be? Image suggests a motorcyclist challenge pack.


I really hope the curator’s idea is a better filter in the choosing of featured contracts. As for the challenge pack, I just hope for something useful and concealable.


I have one of these exact briefcases, got it from Ebay, was used at one of the gaming conventions by the guy dressed as 47 :smiley: