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If they did use this sword as the unlock, would there be copyright issues?


C’om on c’om on!!! Where is this unlock??? I’ve been waiting all week. I want to get disappointed hard.



I’m laughing saying to my self “Alex what did you expect!”


I’m fine with it. Always found the Nne machete too bulky :slight_smile: And this one looks better than the one found on maps. And the Katana is holsterable, the machete isn’t.


Told youuuuuu :P.

I’m quite fine with it, always wanted a katana to put on the loadout.


Still great! Finally a Katana to use in Paris, Marrakesh, Colorado and Bonus Maps!

I hope there will be a lot Kill Everyone/Katana Only runs everywhere.



Tying suitcase to the challenges would be stupid. It’s too important of an item to do so.

But I’m quite sure S2 will start with a briefcase.



this is bullshit, fucking bullshit

let noobs have fun with this!

hitman is an assasination game and give us a type of sword?
okey every item doesnt have to fit in with this
there was no new unlock since january, and IOI gives us a sword w/ no reason

my opinion; unsuspected lethal melee would be more PRO and HELPFUL



How dare you to use logic when speaking of useful rewards.
A katana is a very pro thing. Like don’t you watch movies rated 8+?


You want a useful unlock but you’re asking for a pistol that does nothing new?


What if Io trolled the shit out of all of us and completing the challenge pack tomorrow unlocked. . . a five-minute long trailer for season 2?



Hopefully this Katana is a special kind of katana (like a named one) so it won’t break Katana contracts. Although I doubt that.

Hey, at least I can go Yukata+Katana on the IAGO auction.


Manaically, hysterical evil laughter to this response.


Can’t argue with that. But I was expecting a briefcase considering Travis posted a photo with a briefcase


if u actually expect the briefcase as a surprise then you really have no one to blame but urselves

the case is coming. clearly season 2 tho. u best believe IO will make sure the whole world knows when the briefcase is actually coming



Guys, of course they’d save the cool and useful items they have ready to go for season 2.

I mean, let’s say the briefcase is ready to go. Releasing it will cause a stir among established players, get some articles written about it, and draw previous players back to the game. Does it make sense to do it now, when Season 1 is 60% off, or when Season 2 is released and they are scrambling to get Season 1 players back for their new outing? Player retention is going to be a huge concern, and they need as many sweet lures as they can get in order to bring previous players back.