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I also doubt we would be able to bring the briefcase back to S1 maps then. I mean it would destroy like 50% of the strats we have worked on the last year+. A briefcase probably has a noticable impact on level design.

I mean nobody said “you can bring S2 items back to S1”. It always was just the another way around.


I’d be really, really surprised if we couldn’t do that. I don’t think they care about breaking established strats for Season 1 missions, and it would in fact open up new strats, opening those other levels up to even more new gameplay. It’s a living game. (For that matter, I bet they’ll patch out the fetch trick at some point, which would seriously destroy lots of established strats.)

Also, it just seems clunky and less streamlined not to allow S2 items to port back to S1. Lots of people would be confused about it and still more would be upset about it.


Someone help me out here, please.

I get it. I have seen previous Hitman games and I have seen the use of a briefcase. Also, I know the convenience and functionality of one in real life.

What I do not get is why you guys are so nuts about it. Especially since this community in particular pushes for “realistic immersion.”

In the 2017 that we live in today, a guy walking around a non-business area with a briefcase looks a lot more suspicious than a guy just walking around in a suit.

Someone also mentioned earlier that we have spent the last year and change creating strategies where we didn’t need a briefcase.

I am neither for nor against adding one to the game. I would rather have a “safehouse” like we do in Sapienza & Bangkok (neither is all that safe). So please help me out and tell me the big deal.


You should know by now to set your expectations low.


Plus smuggle points are way better than the briefcase. It forces the player to be more strategic in their approach, which I like. I always prefer challenge over easy in every aspect.

And is this katana true? I don’t see Travis tweeting anything about it. Edit: nevermind. Saw it. Missed the post above too.


Ill take it! definitely some fun to be had with this!


I have some bad news. “Try to Kaboom Yourself on the Way Out” and “Cool Guys Don’t Look at Thanaboon” will not be featured. Sad Face.


Masamune is the unlock.

Whatever, I am still gonna have fun.



All righty. At least I can finally perform a stealth kill in the unbearable Sean Rose where the katana comes out through his mouth. That’s cool.


Damn, and I already want to cut Strandberg down with a Katana/Masamune.


NEW CHALLENGE: Kill every story target with Masamune!


Can I skip Colorado :sweat_smile:


I wouldn’t if I were you. Killing all Colorado targets with Masamune unlocks THIS suit:

@Travis_IOI, I might be the only one, but I would go totally apeshit if 47 had this suit. At least mention it to the team please.


I really dislike smuggle points as a sniping system. In order to get my sniper from 47’s Suite to Jackie’s room, you have to put your giant sniper on your back and sneak by the staff just to move 40 feet. It’s hardly a challenge, it’s just annoying and completely ridiculous when in the past we can more subtly carry our sniper in public via the briefcase.

The briefcase would open up new doors, in that it can allow us to suit-transport the sniper to places we never would have been able to prior. It would make the game more fun, and would be way better than the (awful) sniping system we currently have in place.


It’s not about realism, it’s about fluidity. Right now transporting a sniper rifle to many locations via suit is either absolutely impossible, or complicated to the point of being pointless and not-fun. A briefcase would open up new possibilities, and make the game feel better.


Or you could wear a guard’s disguise. You know, that thing that lets you carry the sniper rifle around in public without question?


I’m taking about suit transport, maybe I don’t want to equip a guard disguise for the sole purpose of moving my sniper, when in past games you could transport it in public with ease. Maybe it’s less that I don’t want to, and more that I think it’s dumb.


I do not see the sniping now as “not fun.”

This is part of why I have trouble understanding the big deal. I am am saying that while acknowledging that I would like to sometimes move around the map in my Blood Money suit with the rifle.

Life is not always fair.


That is awesome news. Thanks IOI :smiley:

About the briefcase i think the same like Urben

S1 was not designed to have a briefcase. The briefcase in S1 is your map knowledge :smiley: You can carry a sniper rifle wherever you want as long you know how to get there. I don´t see a need for that. But it would be cool for S2. Maybe sedative syringes will follow next months?