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It’s not fun to me that in Landslide, literally the only way to get your sniper to the bell tower is via guard disguise. I love sniping fron that tower in WoT, but I literally never do it in Landslide because it’s so dumb that I have to become a guard just so I can move my sniper. Having a briefcase sniper, being able to stroll into the church with it in hand and casually make my way up to the top with it, that’s what I want.


And a hotel is one thing, I can see a briefcase there because it would not be conspicuous. I even mentioned earlier the issue of not standing out. A hotel is a place where many business people gather so a briefcase would look normal.

A farm is not.

A fashion show. . . it would have to be a camera case

A hillside coastal Italian town . . . you WILL stand out.

North African bazaar you can probably get away with it.

It does not work in every situation.


Just a businessman and his case full of documents. Nothing suspicious whatsoever.

Also, we have a bloody Santa Suit. Santa walking around Colorado is a strange sight as well.


And in Pro Mode, you would not be able to “stroll” into the church period.


A businessman going where exactly? To the empty law office that you yourself mentioned?


If this game cared about realism, your Winter Suit would only be wearable in half the locations and you wouldn’t be able to create portable accidents by dropping fire extinguishers on front of people. Forget about realism, it’s mostly irrelevant, think purely about how it would mechanically benefit the game.


You’re talking about a game where you play as most suspicious bald person on earth that has barcode on back of his head and five fathers.
I don’t think carrying a suitcase would be so unrealistic.

Playing without briefcase can be fun and smuggling sniper rifle can be challenging but there’s no doubt that suitcase would offer a bunch of new opportunities.


Why not? Maybe he is going to the local vendors to sign up a new deal for pizza delivery to Iraq. Or he is a lawyer with the files about the case concerning the Ether practice of dumping chemtrails into the water which turned the freaking Rocco gay.

People don’t care mostly.


58, I am not saying it should not be added. I just do not get all the moaning. It is not a game changer. I guess part of it is that I do not snipe that much since you can almost never get SA while sniping.


Wow! All this butthurt because of the sniper case (which doesn’t fit the current gameplay anyway) or a pistol that was a placeholder as it seems.

Another sad day for the Hitman community. :frowning:


If you want to call discussion butthurt, then go ahead. I never expected this unlock to be the briefcase, but if I see people arguing against it being in the game then I’m going to provide my view on the matter.


Wesker, my hemorrhoids are because I wanna walk around Sapienza, Paris and marrakesh looking like a bald
Pee-Wee Herman.

@justnobody, where do you see anyone arguing against it?


I see you and @D1NGdong saying that it shouldn’t be in the game (for different reasons), and I don’t agree. I don’t think that IO agrees either, considering that they tried and failed to put it into season 1.


Show me where I said it SHOULDN’T be in the game.


You’ve been saying that you don’t want it because it’d be unrealistic.


the point of hitman is play the way you like. if u think its too easy dont use it. personally i will use it to setup big gun kills which is very stupid to do on professional mode without some kind of concealment.

also how is it easier? you can already do it just by swithing to a guard outfit


Once again, I ask you to point out where I said that the briefcase should not be in the game.

Now I am also asking you to point out where I said that I DIDN’T WANT IT in the game. . .

I will wait. . .


anyone else notice this sword seems to have an overhead swing animation. the third pic from the left


I’m not playing these dumb games, I’ve commented on the matter and I don’t agree with your views on the sniper briefcase.


This is the answer to why people make the stink over the briefcase. I should have seen that myself. Thanks, Mr. Pokémon assassin.