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Disagreeing with my views is fine. I welcome that all day. Just don’t ever try to put words in my mouth that I did not say.


It is the regular throw animation for the Katana or other heavy melee weapons. Even the leadpipe has this throw animation.


But but but, hitman is part puzzle. And moving your sniper from your suite to jackies room is the puzzle side of it.

I guess I’m just built differently than most. For me, opportunities should come by way of challenging your mind and having YOU put the work into doing something, hence sniper to jackies room, whereas being able to carry it anywhere just defeats that purpose. I just don’t find easy to be fun. If it’s something I can’t do, I try to make it possible, and when I do, it feels that much more satisfying.

When I did my kill zaydan with the battle axe in prisoner contract, I did it with no KO’s. So with no KO’s, everything has to line up properly in order for the prisoner to not be detected when that guard comes back that’s watching the prisoner before i can escape with the kill.

I’m just one to challenge myself. And when you say it may open up other opportunities, sure, to do it faster, but not to actually do it cuz you can transport a sniper with another disguise then go back and get your suit. I know that’s lots of work, but that’s the puzzle side of it all. A lot of inexperienced players won’t think of that and think “how do I get my sniper there in my suit?” But if you have a briefcase, bang, puzzle element gone.

Now I’m not saying you’re wrong and I’m right. But that’s just my perspective as to why I don’t want the briefcase, ever. For me, it closes more puzzle than it opens up opportunities.


Sounds like justnobody is justmad and that’s justfine with justme.


I dont know who of you two is the brighter one, but it is time to stop. It gets silly and I feel uncomfortable to see that. :grin:


Easy solution, when & if its in S2, the players who want to use it can, the players who don’t… well don’t! I personally would welcome it as it reminds me of the older games in the franchise :smirk:


@Urben, I am sorry.
@Jamy47, I agree with that 100%.


That is throwing animation, chill out nothing new with this unlock :frowning:


I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

I knew it would be something lackluster, but a katana was really no surprise. Would have preferred a reskinned pistol though.


Thinking now, should I do all missing challenges now, or should I wait with the last in case there is a bug with the unlock trigger? :thinking:


I personally wouldn’t mind the briefcase, but I fail to see your penultimate benefit to the game’s mechanics.

I find the smuggled item locations to be quite interesting! Rather than spawning with your rifle, you have to locate it. It requires a little more tact and strategy. And again, if you want to freely carry it, you can equip a guard’s uniform. You might not “want” to, but that’s a very primary and essential mechanic in the game.

I do agree that the transportation of suspicious/ illegal items could be perfected. As far as I can remember, in Hitman there is only a single location on ANY of the maps that requires you to be frisked, being Kong Tuo-Kwang’s private Shisha room in A House Built on Sand (the one with the lantern.) The game contains this frisking mechanic, but on every map there’s an easy way around it. I personally feel that being able to hide items in mobile containers would add more value to the frisking mechanic.

In Paris, the stairs are guarded by CICADA men. If you’re in a civilian disguise (besides Kruger or the Sheikh), you can’t smuggle any weapons. And if you’re a CICADA, one of them is an enforcer. HITMAN, like many stealth games, discourages confrontation, so the frisking mechanic is teaching you another mechanic in Hitman: there might be another way around. For Paris, it’s climbing on the outside of the building!


Just make the briefcase takes one additional loadout slot and put the sniper rifles automatically in it at the drop points if you decided to use the briefcase - but no starting with it.


It’s interesting that Travis didn’t ask for featureds in the HMF member contracts thread this time.

I don’t like this mysteriousness around where I have to submit my contracts, IOI. Is the Sqaure Enix Forums thread still going? I don’t see how being secretive about this is beneficial to you guys in any way.


Well, maybe he just browsed the thread and consulted with his list of potential featureds without telling us about it beforehand. Don’t see the problem.


I was wondering myself more that he did last time. I am used to this sneaky deciding.
I submitted two of mine in the official SE thread for this month. I have the feeling it is still monitored by Travis.


There’s quite a few more frisk zones than that, but they disappear almost entirely after Marrakesh. The benefit that I see to the briefcase is that you wouldn’t need to wear a bodyguard disguise or sneak around a bunch of corners to transport your sniper. I just think the current system is needlessly complicated, and usually not very enjoyable.


Landslide would be perfect to have the sewers smuggle point. I agree it´s not perfectly designed for Sniping.But

That is not true. Let´s make this a challenge:
Bring your Sniper as fast as you can to the Bell Tower top without changing your disguise.

@D1NGdong will love that challenge :smiley:


I’m sure you can run by the dummy npcs and get into the door connecting to where the sewer stash point is on WoT if you time it right, it wouldn’t be hard it’s just that I feel it would be so much better to have an inconspicuous briefcase.


well the puzzle part is doing it cleanly and silently. briefcases is a sniper or big gun kill or concealed bomb kill. it doesnt really break the puzzle, just changes it. again u can always build ur own puzzle that doesnt involve the case, why deny others who want to build puzzles with the case?


In Paris on Pro difficulty, I wanted to complete the Sniper Assassin and Suit Only challenges in one go. I didn’t NEED to, but I wanted to. Just getting the rifle from the gardeners shed to the barge was a nightmare. But it was also fun! I was already trespassing, but having an illegal item makes them spot you even faster.

I personally feel that being able to carry a rifle around like it were a coin seems a bit odd.