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It worked in the old games, and felt a hell of a lot better than pulling some complicated smuggling route.


What good is a briefcase if you can’t wallbang like we used to?


Sure, but this isn’t the old games. This is a sequel. If they just remade the same game every year, you’d have CoD.

I don’t want to be one of those annoying dicks, but if you want to play the old games, why not play them? I understand the love of the old formula, but this isn’t the same game. IOI weren’t trying to make the same game. It follows the themes of Hitman, but anyone can see the difference in tone and style from the previous installments.

I agree that more smuggling techniques could be implemented, but I feel Hitman (2016) has a well established item hierarchy. With the new suspicion mechanic they had to change the way certain items and weapons were perceived.


While I think that the briefcase should be added eventually, I think that the guards ability to transport big illegal items (most of them) for you by taking them to designated places works pretty well and it’s a good substitute to the briefcase at least for most of the level design in this game.


It´s possible to get the Sniper up the bell tower in under 3:00 minutes without changing disguise. Timing in this run wasn´t perfect. The perfect case is when the security guards find´s the sniper imediently. Guard Delivery is a valueable technic :wink:


Amazing, I’m definitely going to play around with that.


…with the little hair do of course


I’ll take it with or without


I think the Katana is a really good addition. I’ve only been doing elusive targets for a while but I just started doing the pro levels I hadn’t finished and I’m pretty excited for another challenge pack. I enjoy them a lot more than escalations and I hope we get a monthly challenge pack.


Our sarcasm stems from the fact that there already is one.


The problem is that many people outside HMF ask me where they should go to submit featured contracts, and I don’t want to direct them to make an account on the Sqaure Enix Forums for nothing or for them to submit their contract on HMF when there is a better place to put it where it’s more likely to get picked.


I wanted a lightsaber :disappointed:


Send them on HMF. I think Square Enix Forums and Hitman will go separate ways soon.


I’d rather a confirmation from Travis before I make any conclusions.


I’ll try it out tonight. Sounds interesting.


Let me recontextualize what I was saying. I’m a sucker for aesthetic changes. A black katana for me is really cool. 47, in my mind, is an artist. Trying to make these kills happen in “beautiful” ways. A black katana would go really well with all those black suits.


But “cleanly” and “silently” has nothing to do with hitman. Hitman is about being undetected. I, for one, have become more of a LOUD assassin than I ever was before. Using explosions for kills and for distractions. Plus, there’s a loud sniper rifle too. So as long as you do it undetected, that’s all that matters in the game, and of course, getting out with SA.

And the featured Contract ‘foretold’ gets ruined with the briefcase.


Yes, and part of the puzzle is how to get your rifle there too. Looks like I don’t have to do this challenge anymore. :smiley:




Sorry mate i was hocked by that idea and had to discover it imediently. You were the first that came in my mind who will say “Let´s do this, i will find a way” :smiley: