August Content Schedule


Sarcasm incoming:
Sure, I love the title undetected assassin


Sorry, had to. :love_you_gesture:


Silent, but deadly.


we’ll finally be able to recreate the scene from one of the trailers :smiley:


what is that on floor?

i guess its a lethal syringe



The SE Forums have always been the ‘official’ place to submit contracts. I hope there wasn’t too much mystery around that and I am a little surprised that you think there was any intention to be secretive. For a long time, I’ve chosen a mix of contracts from various places. Sometimes I ask for submissions on Twitter, many have come from here, Reddit also works with the various threads there, I’ve checked in with Kotti’s DB and I think one or two from @BernardoOne have also come from NeoGaf, if my memory serves.

The only consistent place to submit Contracts has been the official SE thread. Technically, and let me stress that technically, that’s still true at the time of writing. However, as a result of the news in May, that will change. As you might have guessed, IOI becoming an independent studio means that we won’t be using the SE forums in any capacity after a certain date. I’m working on various things that come along with that.

Ultimately, having that one ‘official’ place to submit contracts has worked very well, but when you compare the current SE thread to the Member Contracts thread that’s running here, it’s clear that the SE thread is a list of submissions and the one here is a discussion about contracts, good, bad or ugly. I prefer to see the later, so I’m also thinking about the best way to structure things going forward.
Anyway, i’m diverging now but I hope that makes things a bit clearer. If not, I do look in the Member Contracts thread here for Featured’s and will probably do that more so going forward. :+1:


hey @Travis_IOI i just wanna ask to you, are you giving up from creating new escalations?


Good question. The super vague answer is that we’ve had a long run of a good mix of live content and I don’t think we’re at the point where we want to ‘give up’ any kind of live content completely.

If that wasn’t vague enough for you, I’ll refer you to the August Schedule:

Looking ahead, the September Content Schedule will be similar to this one, with a focus on Contracts Mode and a new Challenge Pack. That relative calm will give us time to prepare for some exciting announcements.


thanks for replying.

you’ve added 2 escalations each month. but july had only one and august doesn’t have one…
this decreasing made me in doubt about escalations. especially speedrunners really having fun with escalating levels.
i just wanted to say

Cheers :slight_smile:


Stop whining already gardasshhh <3


come ooon, you fall in love with escalations more than me. you have to support me here! <3


Would love for future unlocks to be suits. For those who missed the first few ET


With the amount of traffic in the contracts thread, would it help if one of us made a new thread here that was strictly for posting submissions, similar to the one on the SE forum?


I’m happy to leave things as they are just now. Appreciate the suggestion though.


No Ed, just no.


that’s really nice idea mate!
i think @Travis_IOI should open that thread.


Nope. No need for another thread with contracts.


I miss quite a lot when scrolling through there. I am old and decrepit though. :laughing:

Just thought it might be a nice option to have something strictly for submissions (alongside the thread with chat and videos).


Thanks for the reply!


Am I right in assuming that we will have new content in 40 minutes?


I’m thinking the same. It has been quiet though…