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Yet another unlock I’ll never bother to actually unlock? Color me shocked.

People actually expected a briefcase?


I thoughtyou guys had stop checking the SE forums after you left SE… Guess I was wrong :slight_smile:


Going to stream this now hue


Is it live?


Yeah, already did all the challenges in 1 min


Yeah. That was over quickly. All of the challenges in one go.

Problem is, these challenges were a bit too straight forward and too similar to regular contracts. Should’ve been one or two wrenches thrown in the gears to make it a bit more complex (while not necessarily difficult). The katana one should’ve been on 5 targets instead of 1 for instance.

That being said, I suspect they didn’t expect for the drowning kill to be in the spa. :slight_smile:


Can someone please post the challenge requiments?

  1. Start a contract.
  2. Kill a target with lethal poison while dressed as the biker.
  3. Once you’re dressed as the biker you cannot change your disguise again.

Replace “lethal poison” in step 2 with “thrown kitchen knife”, “a katana” and “a drowning accident”, and you got them all.


I am still happy that this game continues to receive support.


That’s easy. Thank you very much


If it’s of any use, or if you want to wring a tiny bit more out of the content, I made a set of four individual contracts on Xbox for the challenges.

Copperhead - 3-10-9744539-88

Sidewinder - 3-10-2780817-88

California Mountain Snake - 3-10-5890289-88

Cottonmouth - 3-10-9340605-88


“The Art of Revenge” has to be the most simplistic, straightforward and uninspired challenge pack that this game has. One contract was enough to do everything and not even a “challenge”. It’s like a random thing you could get while searching for random contracts in Hokkaido.



It’s interesting to think how these challenges could have been massaged to actually be challenging (or interesting, at the very least). Something like:

  • In one contract, drown three targets in three different toilets while dressed as the Motorcyclist.

  • In one contract, kill three targets with consumed poison while dressed as the Motorcyclist. You must put on the Motorcyclist disguise within the first thirty seconds of the mission and not take it off.

  • In one contract, kill three targets wearing unique disguises with the katana while dressed as the Motorcyclist.

  • Kill every chef in Hokkaido with a thrown kitchen knife while dressed as the Motorcylist.

Something like that. I don’t think experienced players would find them too much more challenging, but it would at least be a little bit of an interesting exercise to figure out how to approach them.


Happy to see you made only one target on each, when i played Hitman i liked one tough target more than 5 easy targets :smiley:.


I feel the same also. But that thread has to be solely for submission purposes. No other contracts or videos. That can remain in the current thread


Yeah, I thought it might be a nice accompaninent to the main thread considering how many posts are in there these days, especially since the school holidays started.

Would work as an easy way to locate contracts and contract information for players on all platforms too, as contracts will likely be the go-to mode until Season 2 arrives. It’s all good though, whatever works for peeps. :slight_smile:


I’m for this, too. With a note in the title that discussions go to the usual thread.


Maybe I’m reading too much into what Travis said, but I suspect they’ve already got plans for something to replace the SE Hitman forum. Perhaps this is why he said, “I’m happy to leave things as they are just now.”