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Made a drowning contract for ps4


Since I’m not expecting too much for new items, I’m always happy now. Yeah a great reskin of the original katana with a darker blade, a kind of dragon carved on it and a different hilt :grinning:

I am waiting for season 2 to have original, useful and unique new items, period.


A match made in heaven! Summer Suit + Chrome Ballers + the new katana :heart:


I’m sure most people would prefer to work it out themselves, but I put together a contract to complete all the challenges and a video of a fairly easy silent assassin walkthrough, showing all the unlocks at the end.

Title: Art of Revenge Challenges
Contract ID: 3-10-7498381-05


Easy is not fun. I want to create a challenging contract for myself with the targets that are much more fun.


You didn´t have to spend time killing them in those ways while creating the contract. Just select 4 (1 in the spa) and make it any any hue


True. I wanted to do it in one contract with some nice flow. I had to backtrack at one point, but otherwise it worked out really well. It is absolutely consistent and I enjoyed working it out.


In which you’re making the same mistake you claim to avoid. Try and keep those expectations low too. :slight_smile:


Someone made a decent one on ps4. 1 easy target, 2 medium, and 1 somewhat challenging (based on getting to him) but it was fun and I got SA. I didn’t want to waste a challenge pack on an easy contract just to get the item.
The Art Of Revenge
ID: 2-10-6780488-97


I did them all w/ Yuki


Awesome!! I did that too. But I completed all the challenges on 1 run.

1st I pinched her with an emetic syringe so she would go to the bathroom and puke. As she starts to puke, I lined up a few feet behind her for some space. Then I threw the knife at her. Here’s where it gets tricky. The very millisecond the flying knife struck her, I used the katana. Now she has a knife and sword in the back of her head. Now as I let her down from the release animation from that sword melee kill, I spammed X and it flipped her over and drowned her for a couple seconds. When the drowning animation was over, I quickly switched to my lethal syringe and pinched her in the back before she fell.

Challenge pack complete. SA.


I want to see a video of that ! :joy:


Here’s the way I’ve decided to complete the challenge pack.

I Need Japanese Steel

I picked targets so that it’s not clear who is the best candidate for each kill method. Other contracts I’ve seen make it obvious which target is meant to be killed in which way. But figuring out which target gets which kill method is a fun new wrinkle on routing, and it allows for more creativity.

(I kinda wish we could make contracts like this in the contract maker! I.e. we could specify that a kill method must be used without specifying which target must be killed that way.)

Hitmanforum member contracts

Your wish is my command.


Now we are talking! Brb, gotta kill those guys like a silent motorcycle dude.


A bit off topic, but seeing we have a
"Challenge Pack" in every map (except Colorado.) Can we expect to see one for Colorado within the next month, or sometime in the future? @Travis_IOI


If there’s a Colorado challenge pack next month, I really hope it includes the challenge “Kill all targets in Freedom Fighters without entering the compound perimeter.” It’d be a cool and fun challenge, and it’s the sort of thing that can be enforced only in a challenge, not in a contract.


I guess it would feature the scarecrow which isn’t outside the perimeter.


If it’s Colorado please lets us unlock the baseball.


Just finished the challenge pack. It was overall pretty easy, but it was fun to run around with a katana. Also the katana unlock is actually pretty fun and kills people quick. Guess I underrated the unlock.