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95% of items are unique and the ones that are “true” reskins (modern and antique syringes), they stilk give 100% functionality and usefulness to having a second one with you.

People who says items are “just reskins” clearly don’t know how to use each item to its fullest and don’t understand how each item is different from the other.


WOW, lots of posts about a katana.

Looks fine to me, but just a scredriver would have been better. It’s concealable, non-suspiscious, allows tampering and just as lethal. Almost too good for an unlock. Oh well.


I think we have a strong balance of “useful” unlocks and “exotic” unlocks. There’s good value in both I think. Next month we have another challenge pack; I expect we will get something “useful” then.


A challenge pack in September? Excuse me? :slight_smile:


Almost 2 years since one of the best trailers ever!!


The reskinned snipers and assault rifles are still useless tho



Not the ones with the zoom and silencer


Waiting for director in the toilet and then for Yamazaki in the sauna is a pain in the ass. But I got my unlocks! Drowned good old Nic, threw a knife at director’s head, cleared yoha master’s mouth with a katana and gave a little poisonous prick to Yuki. At least I feel that the Masamune was deserved!


Maybe to you, because as I said…

which makes your statement false. What I mean by “fullest”, is that you haven’t figured out how they are not useless and will have an advantage of using one over another.

And for me to explain this to you, which snipers and ARs do you think are reskins and are useless?


The Jäeger 7 Covert and the Tac-4 Silenced AR Desert are 100% useless. They are exactly the same as the basic, non-reskinned ones. @badeaguard these two weapons don’t do anything different to the non-reskinned weapons.


Ok you’re right. I forgot about those specific ones. But other than those 2, out of all the other gear, there are no reskins that are exactly like another item (excluding syringes because they are useful when needing 2, and of course excluding the preorder/dlc gear. Those were MEANT to be reskin as they were a preorder bonus and I’m guessing they didn’t want anyone to have exclusive gear).

I just find it funny that the word reskin is actually used when there’s only 2 items like that. I find it especially funny when ppl say the explosives are reskined. That couldn’t be further from the truth.


The Covert is different from its basic variant - AFAIK it’s as silent as the Krugermeier.

The Desert AR, on the other hand, is a challenge pack reward, so I have no problem with it being purely cosmetic.


The Covert has no difference besides the colour; it has the same weapon traits as the normal Jaeger 7.


but muh master crafted


Ya, i tested this. It still makes noise. I was thinking the same thing.


No, the Jaeger Covert is defently the most silent sniper of all, that´s the benefit of that rifle. You can stand next to an NPC and he will not hear the shot. Will post some examples soon. All Rifles have a sound radius like the silverballer excepting the Covert. Covert is like Krugermeier from it´s sound radius


I did test it and guards turned around when i shot behind them.


Jaeger 7 Covert Useless?


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