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Thanks for that video of comparisons, @CHAOS_AGENT_45. I had no idea how covert that Jaeger 7 Covert sniper actually is.


Interesting video. I had no idea that the Covert was actually different, since the descriptions are exactly the same.


Ya, I knew it was supppse to be quiet. I guess I was shooting too close to someone. So I guess @Silverballer owes me an apology. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now is it the same for the AR desert?


One way, my way, of doing the art of revenge challenge pack:


Accept I’m wrong? Who do you think I am? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I very much doubt the TAC-4 AR is different.


Great analysis but really makes me wonder why they left the exact same description like with the Jaeger 7. It would have being a lot more useful if they mentioned it was as subsonic as the Krugermeier.


I never noticed an advantage when using AR deseret. Sound Radius is equal. Only the semi automatik AR has the advantage of aim precision and less recoil.

I agree. The description is not exact. Only The Jaeger Covert should have the “feather subsonic symbol”. Then it would be clearly to see…


that’s some dope ass research man! Great job :blush:


I’ve not had that message before. Did you get it fixed?