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I’d rather have the sedative syringe over the sword but based on the map and supposed theme, it doesn’t make sense that it would be that. It sounds like the sword.

I do hope I’m wrong and it is the syringe. And if it is, hopefully it’s a 2 pack at the minimum. But I’m fine with a single too if that means I get it. :smiley:


Well, Assault Rifle in Desert Camo had little to do with prophecies - it was loosely based on Marrakesh being in Africa.

And Antique Poison/Emetic Syringes did not have a lot of things in common with Vampires or Horrors of Himmapan.

Thus, since GAMA is a Hospital - Sedative Syringe would be a good fit for the Biker Pack.


I hope you’re right.



I personally would hope for either

  • Sedative Syringe: would fit the Hospital theme of Hokkadio or

  • Legal Non Lethal Melee Baseball like from Colorado. It would also fit because there is a Baseball Bat unlock in Pro Mode for Hokkaio and a Outfit in the Hospital Director Office.

Edit: But besides logical reasoning, I just want an unlock I can use to knock out people multiple times without the need of a soldier/guard disguise. The Crystal Ball is more like a troll by the developers because its basically a re-skinned brick.


He’s defenitely not right wanna know why?

Cause it’s GAMA not Hamma


Got my Himmapan and Gama wrong :scream:

Fixed it


I heard it’s a yellow handled Philips screwdriver that completes the set. Agent 47’s accessory to the yellow duck. Now we will have a flathead and a Phillips because you never know which screw you need to fuck with on outlets.


Sedative syringe would make sense and literally requires 5 minutes of coding since it’s already a item.

But I’m expecting a recolored katana unlock. Which I guess would still be cool tbh.


But why would they give us a sedative syringe when you need someone to be isolated to use it? Because when that person is already isolated, it doesn’t make sense to not use a wrench or crowbar or subdue.


It doesn’t have many uses, but well it is 100% silent, unlike any other subdue method. You can restrain from legshots in some situations for example. And sedatived bodies dont count as “body found” until someone bends down on it. I guess this is useful for tight planned speedruns or new kinds of luring.


Exactly. Sounds even less useful than the Crystal Ball. At least you could throw the crystal ball as a distraction and it wasn’t a suspicious item in Pro Mode.



I like when someone says just this, cuz then I can show just this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Pretend the guard is the target)


Okay that’s an oddly specific situation but I’ll take back what I said.


As much as I would love for it to be a sedative syringe it’s probably going to be a reskin of a samurai sword. Would be even cooler if it was Lee Hongs Poison Sword from Contracts, but that’s wishful thinking :stuck_out_tongue:


100% agree…god is in the detail or rather 47 should be.
It’s why I still prefer Blood Money, those newspapers ratings…such a wonderful detail that did not have to exist yet elevated that game for me so much in terms of style and tone. Also the fiber wire animation being different (and existent) on seated NPCs…how I miss those nice little touches.
I do feel disappointed by the lack of a true silverballer as it makes me feel like I’m playing a knock off hitman game sometimes, an imitation that nails the big picture stuff but forgets those subtle details…subtlety being key to 47’s personality you’d think such a trait would extend beyond the character and into the world he populates.
(Also ICA whatever the black gun is upsets my eyes as I miss the Fluer symbol on the slide etc.)


TBH I’d be happy with the blackballer if it was mastercrafted rarity or whatever with alternative stats/abilities (like scout perk to quick aim or something)…still beats the half dozen reskinned explosives I never equip and as far as reskins go it’d be a damn cool one to have that legit fluer de lue or whatever the flowery hitman logo is called


You mean the Silverballer from Blood Money? The one that’s ugly as hell, with attachments that mean nothing like extended clip? The ‘true’ Silverballer would be the one from the 1st game, single wield no silencer.


True Silverballer is the one from Contracts and Absolution. I must agree that the Silverballer from Blood Money in game was ugly. Attachments were cool. The last silencer and the long slide were a beauty.



Moooar sniper rifle


…I uploaded wrong picture


Moaaaaaar sniper rifle