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You did not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


After watching this I’m now well on board for the sedative syringe, however my inner 47 is wanting something more deadly and assassin based :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::open_mouth::hushed:


That is new for me. I never use sedative (consumed) posion cause of body found. I tested alot i get Body Found everytime, so i thought “What a useless item for a SA run”. The only use i know is a target lockdown and then you get Body Found in your Rating.WTF?
Sedative Poison would be very usefull if body found doesn´t count in your rating.


Still no news :frowning: Friday is just after tomorrow


And thursday is after today :frowning:


I remember normally IO releases news at 14:00 if I’m not mistaken


People who think sedative syringe is useless have not thought about it enough.

ICA Space Program everywhere without the body being seen is going to be sweet.




Well, technically is seen but not counting against your score unless an NPC gets close and makes the animation of examining the body. Kinda like in SA and Contracts.


drown 5 patients as motorcylist


My thinkin at that point exactly


Kills targets in accidents. I hope the drowning kill is limited to maximum 2 targets. Otherwise, how annoying that would be.


Watch 5 patients peeing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve already started.


I bet that the item to unlock will be a sword signed Hattori Hanzō, hand forged :ok_hand:


Hamana hamana hamana :stuck_out_tongue:


Uhm, don’t you mean Master Crafted? :wink:


It’s been awhile since the last challenge pack… Hopefully in between IO have done some silent changes to Contracts so that it can somehow figure out what contracts are being created solely for challenge completion so they can be automatically hidden.

New challenges always result in Contract spam for days… :frowning:


So, this will just be the challenge pack? No general update?