August Roadmap


August 1: 
    HITMAN: Complete First Season Hits Xbox Game Pass owners.
August 3:
    Featured Contracts.
August 10:
    Elusive Targets: The Surgeons.
August 17:
    Community Curated Contracts by BernardoOne.
August 21:
    Gamescom 2018
August 24:
    Elusive Target: The Bookkeeper.
August 31:
    Featured Contracts.

Congratz @BernardoOne! Ultimate Timewaster being featured confirmed. For sure this time!


Dang! It’s been a year since the curator featured contracts had started. Time flies by fast! Congrats @BernardoOne!


2 portuguese curators on a row!! Nice huehe!! Congrats @BernardoOne!!


Congratulations @BernardoOne

But what really interests me is that Gamescom is on the list. More reveals, anyone?


most likely. if they just showed Miami again i don’t think many ppl would be interested.


Gamescom trailer, please!


I guess Nila Torvik got lost on her way to the Palais de Waleska - then eventually gave up and went home instead of meeting up with Dalia.

GamesCom should be interesting, as well as the hint about the livestream…


@BernardoOne congrats I feel you should of been it a long time ago


They’re going to show us the other half of Miami. Perfect troll move.


Does anyone know about the ET’s the Pharmacist & Wild Card and if these will be re-activated?, these are my last 2 required for 100%


I think the best move is to show some of New Zealand since it’s probably gonna be the first level of the new game.


The Pharmacist was originally taken out of the Elusive Target rotation because of a bug that caused the route to get stuck. It was fixed in the patch that supported the Definitive Edition back in May and was added back into the queue, but that’s the last we’ve heard of it. At this point I assume that they will follow the original release order, then end the re-activations with The Pharmacist.

The Wildcard isn’t getting re-activated. Ever. This was originally hinted on the re-activation announcement trailer as it was the only one missing from the montage of targets - and was then confirmed by @Travis_IOI in the livestream on May 25th where it was stated there were no plans to re-activate it due to “contractual issues”.


So… Nothing at all related to H2? No hint of a trailer nothing?


Not really, the blog said there will be a livestream on the 17th that “maybe we’ll (IO) have a surprise” and it also said IO and HITMAN 2 will present at Gamescom starting on August 21st.


Darn it! means I’m not gonna be able to 100% the ET’s wont really matter as of November though :smirk:

Thanks for the reply


Maybe not. But let’s hope they’ll show either one of the 6 maps other than Miami.


10 more days… 10 more days… Thinking about it, November isn’t also that far.


Thanks everyone, it’s really nice to finally get a curator spot :smiley:

I hope you guys are ready for a 10 sapienza contracts!


Is all of them in Sapienza???

Also have you done the interview yet? I like reading th m it interests me.


If a curator says something before the batch is released: he is joking. :wink: