Authentication very slow

Hitman S2 is very slow on my desktop, but only when trying to reach a server for authentication (when launching the game, when I pick a weapon it load each sub menu- tools, pistol, explosives, rifles, …- when game ends and need to retrieve profile info). It’s really connection to IO server and profile verification.
Using the same connection no problem with my laptop.
I check the corrupt files with steam tool but no error detected. Do you know what I can do? It will be a pain to redownload the entire game… thanks in advance for any reply.

Maybe you happen to hit the wrong moment when the server was overloaded.
Have you tried to reboot your router? Sometimes it helps

Something going wrong with you desktop. Try to rename this :

C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Roaming\IO Interactive\HITMAN2\TemporaryStorage\dynamic_resources_*.rpkg

This file is used in the menus and during authentication.

Tested 2 differents days and the “router” is my phone. But thanks.

Thank you for the information, will do it this afternoon and test again :slight_smile:

This might be the reason.
I assume you use mobile internet.
It’s not that stable and reliable as traditional wired network.

Due to high load of mobile network, ping (and/or overall speed) could be understated by your operator and that’s why you experience long authentification.
If this is the only way for you to connect to Internet, it’s nothing to do here, just take it as it is and hope for mobile network to reduce the load.
But if you can, use traditional Internet connection. May help

I can’t, I’m renting and the wifi sucks. I’m using the phone for 3 months and it’s much better. The latency is pretty low and very stable.

Damn. Hard times for you…
Hang on. The best is yet to come

Small tip - try to turn off mobile internet and turn on again in a few seconds - not right away.
Maybe you’ll catch some fresh breeze. At least works for me sometimes

Sorry I tried but it didn’t worked :frowning: if by chance you had any other idea?

Another possibility is an issue on your profile server side (It used to happen for the speedrunners years ago on H2016 or for xbox players when servers were saturated by free packs owners, menus were very slow). Hitman 2 was always stable for me since its release. But since you tried on your laptop without any issue, it can’t be that.

Hitman client does not require high bandwidth, just a stable connection. Check your network device on your PC maybe.