Avengers: Endgame (NO SPOILERS)


Discuss everything about Marvel’s upcoming movie

Please use spoiler tags where necessary


let’s all remember the common cause they’re fighting for

tom holland

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Apparently in an interview with Kevin feige Spiderman: far from home takes place minutes after endgame

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I hope everyone in the MCU is killed and the universe is saved by Captain Marvel!



Aaaaa, still haven’t seen that movie yet. One of the few DC movies that i’m excited for.


So, is Antman going to expand in Thanos ass or not?
Just joking.


You’ve put that thought in my head now…
Damn you

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Hello to all Marvels lovers! Captain Marvel is my favorite now! What a great movie, and especially this episode with a cat.


No idea if you’re trolling or not, but I also enjoyed Captain Marvel.


No, I’m not. I really love that moment=)


Captain marvel was good, but could have been better.

Still enjoyed it though!

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Endgame is coming out two days earlier in my country.


I’ve booked a ticket it to see it Thursday morning, looking forward to it. It seems well rumoured that this will see many Phase 1 Avengers leave, but I must admit, part of me would want it to turn out that Captain America is still sticking around. The Phase 4 movie announcement will be interesting after everyone has seen Endgame.


Also seeing as the movie is coming out in some countries earlier than others, I cannot stress this enough. USE SPOILER TAGS!. If you do not know how to then please ask, it is better than spoiling it for everybody.


It may be worth noting that the black widow movie is a prequel. seeing as she is one of the most overlooked characters, watching her die would gain interest for the character and boost sales for her upcoming movie


I’m seeing this after tomorrow!!! Can’t wait. I did a Marvel marathon last week, started in chronological story order and there were so many things I missed.
Not to mention some movies I only saw them once like Guardians of the Galaxy and that was it.


Please everybody no spoilers

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I heard-- blasted into oblivion

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yes lads, please no spoilers until 9pm GMT tomorrow when I’ll have seen it. then you can post whatever you want idc


I was thinking more until everyone has seen it rather than just you. I say give it a week before discussing spoilers or at the very least use spoiler tags

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