"Awareness" Meter Improvement Suggestion

The ai system is good but I may have a suggestion to improve it and make the game more fun and immersive.

“Searching” = ai is actively searching in the vicinity of something which caught its attention.
“Suspicious” = ai briefly noticed the player but not enough to warrant a ‘search.’
“COMPROMISED” = ai within the vicinity are likely already aware of your disguise/general location.

“AWARE” = ai noticed an inexplicable crime (long range suppressed sniper kill) or body (found long after the kill).

This could also improve/polish(?) how aggressive ai reacts to tips or inexplicable alerts like how currently bodies/crimes spotted by a non-violent ai unit>reports to violent ai, switching the enemy’s state to either COMBAT, HUNTED, or SEARCHING, each being quite specific which seems to result in bad or even severe issues with prolonged gameplay (which is reasonably expected, considering all that’s going on in a single match session).

AWARE would be another meter for Professional and Master difficulties in ways like:
*note: ai only state of AWARENESS if the shot CANNOT be heard within max minimap range and/or the current detection range but relevant to the player instead [I hope that makes sense].
Its basically an official state for current situations like needing to fire a 2nd shot to kill a single target… currently the ai has various scripted animation depicting how surprised the unit was by the player action.

[my phone is glitching because I’ve been typing long so I hope that made sense…]