Awful bright flare in legacy maps in H3, I can't see anything

Apologies in advance if this issue has already been addressed, I haven’t been here in a while and tried searching but didn’t find anything regarding annoying flares.

Anybody else having issues with these awful flares while playing H1 and H2 maps in H3? It pops up in random places, half the time in dark areas with no bright or reflective surfaces. Bangkok is particularly bad, half the map is littered with flares like this. I could only navigate around the hotel with Instinct because I just can’t see a thing. Example: I couldn’t execute Jordan Cross in the room with the recording playing without turning on Instinct, the flare was blinding me out of nowhere. Anybody else experiencing this?


I think the general consensus is that we should be given lighting options in settings to adjust it to preference, since it’s very unlikely that IO is going to continue changing level lighting individually.

This isn’t normal, looks like you are playing on PC and maybe you have to change some graphics settings? I’m on PS4 and I haven’t experienced this from any maps in either Hitman 3 or Himan 1- 2 legacy maps.

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