Awful performance on a somewhat good gaming laptop

Hi y´all , here are my specs. : RTX 3060 6Gb VRAM,16 GB RAM (planning to upgrade it to 32 GB) and an i7 10750H.

I bought hitman 3 right when it got on steam cuz epic aint epic , my performance was quite epic (constantly more than 100 fps only 40 fps on the mendoza dance floor) , then ioi released the rtx upgrade and the performance decreased then ambrose released and now its 20 fps.
And about hitman absolution , bruh it ran better on my 2017 laptop without a graphics card.
And yes i contacted ioi player support and they just give me the same fix which does not work.
And yes my graphics driver´s version is up to date.

I´ll repost this on steam so that more people can give me solutions.

The raytracing implementation was a pretty big hit on performance, does the game run equally bad with no raytracing?

If your performance is awful on the laptop try having sex on something else.

Stick with me for more helpful hints!


Populated maps run on 20 fps not populated ones run on 80 fps

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Agent Sex is going to help me ? pog


get a ryzen 5

He plays on a laptop and cannot change the CPU, also his i7 is not that weak

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depends if the processor is soldered on it

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And the mainboard… Intel and Ryzen had different sockets in the past.

Well, not the topic here, sorry

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So guys what should i do ?

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There are a lot of videos showing Hitman 3 with your cpu, they all run fine. You said you tried without RTX? Everything I read about this is that Raytracing reduces performance massively in specific scenes, even with beefy gpus… There should be two raytraced thigns, shadows and reflections. Please make sure you’ve tried playing the game with both of them disabled. If you need help finding those options I can help you with screenshots

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I tried with and without both dont run well.

Then maybe open a support ticket :confused:

What I could think of are background programs that cause your performance to suffer – or, I had that once, see that the laptop is plugged in and Windows’ Power Settings are set to performance instead of any power saving method

I have those set on maximal performance.

you can lower down the performance or perhaps you can download the selected driver for your graphics card, if you use nvidia you can go to Official Drivers | NVIDIA

Then I only see the option to look into your task manager if other software has a big impact on your cpu or gpu. Other than that, submit a ticket to iO :frowning:

you can also make sure you close background processes when playing hitman 3, it might give it more ram and cpu to use

that sucks man,i was planning on upgrading to either a 3060 or 3070 soon.can you turn the ray tracing off?is absolution worth buying?

Hitman does not really gel with PC, the best solution is to play it on console.

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