Back to game, Lost everything :(

Hey guys hope everyone is having a good time.Probably no one is going to notice this but here goes.

I’m a die hard fan when it comes to hitman.I preordered the original hitman game and it was pretty amazing.Had over 100 hours finishing every single achievment and got every single elusive target on time to unlock all sort of special items .But guess what happened last night, I decided to get back to the game and bought Hitman 2.I lost all my progress, literally everything went back to zero including all my mastery levels. I dont know what happened but at this point I feel really down. I wonder what can be done, My steam account is the following

Finally I just want to say I really love and appreciate your work in this series. Much love

You have no progress in HITMAN 2 because you only just bought it. Progress is not transferred between the games (because of the Square Enix thing).

Hope I understood you correctly.

Just a tip for HITMAN 2: don’t grind the main missions mindlessly for mastery, use the escalation contracts and whatnot. :slight_smile:


Yeah, progress with mastery and unlocks doesn’t carry over between games. I’d imagine this is something they’re aiming to fix for the third one.


I want to note, before you get the idea to point with fingers, the situation is caused by legal reasons. The developing studio IO Interactive split with Square Enix, their former publisher. And while SE was very generous towards IO, it seems like the content of the servers could not be secured as well. Which is also why Absolution lost it’s contract mode.

There is nothing to be done it seems.