"Badges" instead of rankings/titles

So I mentioned this in one of the threads in the main Hitman (2016) forum, but it seems like it’s a wishlist thread unto its own.

So basically I’d suggest combining aspects of the challenges with the classic rankings/titles like “Silent Assassin”, or “Shadow” and creating a system using badges that you earn for each playthrough.

I imagine there being badges like “Silent Assassin”, but also for instance “Demolitions Expert” if you blow up one or more of the targets, or “Piano Man” for killing targets with the piano wire, and so on.

At the end of a typical playhrough you might then get the following badges:

Silent Assassin / Suit Only / Piano Man X 2


Professional / Chameleon / Demolitions Expert / Chemist (killing one target with a bomb and one with poison)

By badges I simply mean simple iconic pictures that represent the different titles (similar to the images you see for challenges). Probably with the title underneath in small text to clarify.

I think I would enjoy this type of system immensely. It’s a way of making sure that the game recognizes that everyone plays the game differently, and most likely plays it differently on different playthroughs.

Anyone agree or disagree? Comments are welcome.


Where would the bagdes show up? other then after a mission?. I’m still not sure if i get it 100%.

The concept is that they’d show up after the mission, where we get the points calculation today.
I’m sure you could put them in your statistics as well (such and such many Silent Assassin badges, and so on).
The point is that they wouldn’t be like challenges, where it’s one and done.

Oh in that way, yeah i would be down with that. How many times you have been granted the badge, but can you only be granted the badge once per mission or multipel times?.

Not sure what the question is, I can sort of read it two ways.

“If I get the Silent Assassin badge on my first playthrough, can I get it on my second?”

If that is the question then yes. That is the whole point. Otherwise it’s just basically challenges. This is supposed to be like the rankings from the old classic games. You get them every time you play a level.

“Can I get the same badge multiple times on a single playthough?”

If that is the question then it depends on the badge. “Piano Man” for instance would be awarded for every target kill with a fiber wire, so if you kill ¨both Dalia and Victor with the fiber wire on the same playthrough then you’ll get “Piano Man X 2”, but “Silent Assassin” would obviously only be maximum one per playthtough.


That’s my question yeah.

The problem with challenges is that they are shown only once. If you do them again, you have no notification or anything else. It would be great that they are shown when triggered even if we already unlock the challenge. It would help a lot people who do videos.

To me the best thing would be: once you unlocked a challenge you can start your run by selecting some of them and say: ok this run I do this and if fail then abort mission (like failing an escalation objective).

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I would love to have a system like that. I miss Blood Money giving those unique titles for things like ‘Slugger’. Made it a lot of fun to replay and try using only a specific weapon to kill everyone.

So, I just bumped this to add a proof of concept. Hopefully noone gets too annoyed with seeing the topic resurface.

I do really think this is a fairly small thing to do that would add a lot:

Please do ignore the fact that the badges imply I’ve gotten Silent Assassin suit only, when the score clearly shows something else :slight_smile: I did a quick and dirty playthrough just to have a canvas to work on.

If you get two fiber wire kill,s I imagine something ike this:

As you can see there’s aready a space that’s perfect for badges.


Makes me think a bit of Quake 3 Arena with the badges being showed after every match. It’s a cool detail.

Yeah, I think my inspiration is Halo in this case, but I assume the same system applies. :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s kinda the same but the difference is that Quake 3 Arena had a killer announcer saying each badge earned and a glorious soundtrack while it was showing the badges.

I’ve been meaning to do a video on how I’d do a system like this, basically I’d tie challenges, ratings and difficulty settings all to a single system.

Basically, every time you complete a mission you get a generic rating like SA or Psychopath, but in addition you can get sub-ratings depending on what you did. Things like SO, Piano Man or Frenzied Firefighter could appear as sub-ratings without being mutually exclusive (other than the ones that require killing targets in specific ways of course). The first completion of a sub-rating would also unlock a challenge, as the system is now,

For difficulties, I’d add a new challenge category for expert challenges. Instead of just getting SA or just getting Frenzied Firefighter, an expert challenge would be getting SA and FF in the same playthrough. I don’t want to increase the difficulty by making it harder to do things, but by encouraging the player to take harder approaches.


I guess I would do it basically the same but in “reverse”. I’d have the badges (because I love the idea :wink: ), and then the generic rating/title as a summary of the badges.

Halo has an announcer as well. Though that’s obviously not what I have in mind for Hitman.

Well, no need of an announcer unless it’s voiced by David Bateson and finishes every sentence with “ding,ding,ding”. Sorry. Now in a serious tone, the badges would be enough. No need of something else.


Haha. How hilarious would it be to have 47 proudly go “Piano Man!” directly after wireing someone? XD


So, I was originally gonna post this in a Challenge related thread, but realized it makes little sense if Badges/Medals aren’t a thing, so I am shamelessly bumping this.

So a reminder. Medals/Badges would essentially be challenges, but that are unlocked on every playthrough and shown in your scorecard. Thus every scorecard would contain badges that describe the way you played that particular mission.

It might look something like this:

In this example the player started in the ICA Safehouse, did the mission SA/SO, killed Silvio by dropping the Solar System on him, killed Francesca with poison, and escaped by seaplane.

Now, I was thinking about Suit Retrieval in Blood Money. I sort of want it back, but at the same time I think it would be limiting how people try to play the game if you got a lower score for not retrieving your suit.
Instead of a punishment, I’d suggest a reward in the shape of a medal.

So in short. I would like to see Medals/Badges, and a new one I’d like to see is “Suit Retrieved” or something similar. The same type of thing could be introduced for retrieving guns brought onto the map.

Really, as time passes I just come up with more and more uses for Medals/Badges. :slight_smile:

(Just imagine how the scorecards for, for instance, Elusive Targets in season 2 would look with this. You could tell how the player killed the target just from looking at the scorecard. That would be pretty cool I think)


So, once again I learn that Kent already had the same idea as I, only he came up with it YEARS ago.

But I still would like to offer my two cents since I went through troubles of actually writing down the basic badge system. One wrinkle that I introduced here is the idea of tears. Each badge has a number of corresponding conditions, but there are badges with escalating number of conditions.

The basic idea was to create a system that is both granular and wide enough to encompass wide variety of playstyles. So the game doesn’t just acknowledge players that, for instance, like to ghost missions but do not care about collateral damage, but also acknowledges the actual level of “ghosting”.

Here’s the system I came up.


Ghost I - No witnesses, no recordings
Ghost II - Never spotted, no recordings
Ghost III - Never spotted, never recorded
Ghost IV - Never spotted, never recorded, no destroyed CCTVs


Professional I - No bodies found, no witnesses
Professional II - No bodies found, no civilian casualties
Professional III - No bodies found, no casualties
Professional IV - No bodies found, no casualties, no K.O.s


Never spotted, no recordings, no bodies found, no casualties


Suit I -Exit mission in your suit
Suit II -Complete mission in your suit
Suit III -Complete mission in your suit, never spotted


Complete mission in your suit, never spotted, no recordings, no bodies found, no casualties


Sniper I - Kill a target with a sniper rifle
Sniper II - Kill all targets with a sniper rifle
Sniper III - Kill all targets with a sniper rifle, never spotted, no recordings, no casualties

Fiber wire

Fiber wire I - Kill a target with fiber wire
Fiber wire II - Kill all targets with fiber wire
Fiber wire III - Only fiber wire kills, no K.O.s


Explosives I - Kill a target with explosion
Explosives II - Kill all targets with explosions
Explosives III - Explosive kills only, kill multiple targets with one explosion


Poison I - Kill a target with poison
Poison II - Kill all targets with poison
Poison III - Only poison kills, no K.O.s


Accidents I - Kill a target with an accident
Accidents II - Kill all targets with accidents
Accidents III- Accidents only, never spotted, no recordings.


Speed I - Exit mission in less than 60 seconds after completing final objective
Speed II - Do not take less than 60 seconds between completing each objective
Speed III - Exit mission within 60 seconds after completing the first objective

And so on.

Obviously, these badges probably should have some fancy names, but I am too lazy to figure out if Shadow is supposed to be stealthier than Ghost or what piano related puns would work better for a fiber wire badges.

Now, for a practical example. Let’s say that you somehow managed to complete a mission by detonating nuclear bomb and instantly killing EVERYONE on the map within first ten seconds of the mission. That is certainly an impressive run. But current system wouldn’t know how to handle it. You’ll just get a huge negative score and zero stars and that would be it.

But with this badge system you should get Professional I, Ghost IV, Suit III, Explosives III, and Speed III. Sure, you did kind of committed genocide, but you did it with style and you got a bunch of fancy badges for it. And that’s what really counts.


Thanks for the comment.

I think the most important part of this, which you seem to be into as well, is that it would recognize different play styles, including stuff that wouldn’t necessarily effect the rating (or effect it negatively), like “no knockouts” or “suit retrieval”.

I really hope IO will reconsider something like this for H3.

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