Balancing items...lets talk

Lets talk about balancing of the items.

OP items (Tasers & ICA OPphone)

This is the same way I feel about the tasers, it’s a free kill for armed npcs.
The good thing about it is that it only works on armed npcs, that makes it slightly less op. But it’s op nontheless.

I think that tasers should knock amred npcs who pick them up instead of killing them.

ICA OP Phone:
Uh…I don’t even know where to start. What are they thinking, did they just give us a free kill item that works on all npcs. Where is the effort in that, ETs will be a piece of cake, hell even the mission are, from what I’ve seen from clips by @Fortheseven and some others. It’s ridiculously easy.
How is this balanced?

I want to hear from @Urben @Euler13 @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @cjgarof because they have good veteran opinons
But also anyone else, feel free to post.

What do ya’ll think? Why did they give us a free kill item? Do they not want us to be creative anymore?
We first thought that the taser wasn’t an intended free kill for armed npcs but the phone proved it wrong.


Real quick I thought the tasers only KO armed guards or am I mistaken? Personally I never use tasers because I feel the same way. I feel like the best item that isn’t too OP is the lethal syringe but I’ve even heard some complaints about that.

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I won’t use the taser and the electric phone. If I would speedrun like others I would “have” to, but as a puzzle maker I just do what I was doing so far and keep in the back of my head that these things exist. Just like it was with FEs.

The phone could be nerfed. Iris from Discord had a nice idea:


Wait so it kills them no matter what?! They don’t have to be in a puddle or anything!?


I say: who cares? It’s fun and cool, and if you don’t want to use them, then don’t.


And it’s an accident kill!? What was io thinking good lord


This is about balance.
Leaderboards aren’t enjoying when these things are around. Even if I don’t use it, I won’t bother to compete in a contract because I know that #1 used op items.

This is unbalanced.


I see no problem with this. If someone wants to use it fine. Me, i won’t. There is no fun in that.


Yup it just insta kills them for an accident, needs to be nerfed would be good for water puddles. Wow that is ridiculous. It’s so weird because if it’s designed for new players, why does t take so much to unlock it, something that new players might not be able to do. And this is just to OP for any player

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Then I say: screw the leaderboards. I’m just playing the game and I like these items. They can close down the leaderboards as far as I’m concerned.


I never thought that tasers were OP. Sure free accident kill on guards with the proximity taser. But it is only really usefull in contracts mode as in normal play it’s a non target kill. The phone though…


You’re obviously the wrong one to talk to then since you only care about what you like.

Do us a favor and sit out this one.


You down with O.P… P?

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Yeah. I never paid much attention on LB before I started playing Sonko. But as there is no way i can be in first 10 anyway, i don’t care what # i am on LB.

Dude, if you don’t get the hypocrisy in that, I can’t help you. You’re complaining, apparently only to people who will agree with you, about items you don’t like for being too powerful because it allows other people to pull ahead of you in a meaningless non-competition that the game is not even about. Get over it.

And no, I won’t sit it out. Deal with that, too.


No because it destroy the balance of the game.

That’s your opinion. IO, who organised 2! speedrun competitions already, with the winners getting a custom Hitman pc worth of 3000 dollars, think differently.


The phone would be fine if it could only be used in contracts mode. It’s ridiculous in main missions and especially elusive targets however.


Idk…I think even having it in Contracts is unbalanced, but it’s alot better than being able to use it outside of Contracts.

Atleast Contracts can be better moderated so thats a big +

Leaderboards are one aspect that really make this an issue, but even there the competition of who used that phone in the fastest way is real.

Like others I won’t use it, just like how I avoid the taser, the propane tank, poison syringe and the Krugermeier if I can help it.

I think these items are OP as well but the game is about choices so I guess it makes sense for IO to also give people the easy choices. So I don’t mind it so much, effect on my gameplay experience will be minimal.


Another argument against the phone is that it’s detrimental to their own effort into building these maps and missions, again especially in elusive targets. The majority of people only care about the suit unlocks, so much so that they will follow failproof guides in order to get them. This phone, will be the go-to item for ET’s for these people, meaning IO’s effort in making an interesting ET with a cool route and cool kill opportunities is wasted on the majority.

Atleast with the failproof guides those players will still see some of the effort, not so much with this phone.