Bangkok coconuts breaking

When I played put the lime in the coconut challenge for hitman 2016, I would shoot down the coconuts and pick up six to get the challenge. In hitman 2 all the coconuts break, is this a part of the game or a technical bug? Thanks for your help.

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It seems like IO changed all items that can break to be super fragile. I guess the falling coconuts are a good example why this is not well-conceived .


I remember doing this challenge in Legacy and everything was good.
And all good now, just took couple of screenshots to show:

You just don’t kill anybody with that coconuts, and you’ll be able to gather them


Some coconuts break, other don’t
Here’s another one who experienced the same


Really seems like IO just makes whatever changes they want to the game and don’t consider the implications it could have on the rest of the game.

Isn’t the first time stuff like this has happened at all. :confused:


Thank you everyone for your input! The challenge finally worked for me and I wanted to share how. For my game, I had to use the ICA19 Black Lilly, I started in the kitchen and grabbed the first coconut there. I went to the atrium, shot down the two clusters of coconuts and all the coconuts were unbroken. Coincidence? I don’t know, I’m just glad I could wrap up the Bangkok challenges. Thanks again everyone.

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I had a similar problem with the cocaïne brick in Miami. Killing Delgado in conventional ways would lead him to drop the cocaïne brick from such a height that it would break immediately.
I found that drowning him in a toilet brings his body close enough to the ground before dying to Ensure the cocaïne doesn’t get wasted, allowing you to unlock the challenge.
But I agree that the tweaks IO made to these breakable items are quite unwelcome. I understand they should break at some point, but right now they are far too fragile.
Some differentiation would be welcome as well, as it’s obviou that muffins and cheeseburgers break more easily than a soda can, for example.

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For anyone else who wants a tried and true method in Hitman 2 for the legacy Bangkok challenge “Lime in the coconut” I have tested and can confirm that if the coconuts land on a body they won’t break; it can be through elimination or you can just drag a body underneath the tree before shooting them down. The body seems to pad the landing and any coconut that lands on the body remains intact.