Bangkok Crashes Everytime - PS4


Hello guys !! I’m a big fan of Hitman and I just bought the first season of HITMAN when its price was 60% off on PS4. I played Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh but when I launch any mission in Bangkok, the game crashes and it goes back to a screen telling me there was an error which caused the game to crash… And I don’t know what to do…
Is there any solution ???


It’s ok, it’s a horrible map anyway
Just kidding, :joy::joy:
IOI will help you @Travis_IOI


You’re lucky… I’m from morocco and not Thailand :joy::joy:


Marrakesh isn’t that great either

The map not the city :joy::joy:


Maybe but the map looks a lot like Jamaa Lfna, a famous venue in Marrakesh so I think that they did a great work on it.


Your’re definetely right !

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So uuuh… will anyone help me ??


Goddamit @Travis_IOI
What the hell are you doing ?


Seems no one is available here to help me. Great


Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Bangkok episode?


There is no way to reinstall Bangkok in PS4. We can’t uninstall DLCs !! We have to delete the whole game and download it again.


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Guys please help me… None of the other forums tried to help me… Ps4 communities don’t even comment please help me find a solution… The game everytimes crashes when I want to play my favorite episode, the Bangkok one and I can’t finish the game.


They just telle me “make sure your game and the os are updated to the last version” or “verifiy your hard disk”… my game and the os are updated to the last version and i haven’t even changed my hard disk so… Please Hitman developers, can you help me find a solution ???