Bangkok Disguise List

Since I’ve finished Club 27 and managed to get the Chameleon achievement, I thought I should make a list to help the people who are struggling with finding all the disguises. I’m playing the game with German texts so I don’t know the correct English names of the disguises. Feel free to correct me if one of them is wrong or if I missed something else.

  • Abel de Silva (Wears a black shirt with flower motives.)
  • Exterminator
  • Groundkeeper (Guys in the blue uniforms with hat.)
  • Hotel Security
  • Hotel Staff
  • Jordan Cross’s Bodyguards
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Morgan’s Bodyguard
  • Recording Crew
  • Stalker
  • Waiter (Guys in the blue uniforms without hat.)

Abel can be found one the first floor where he walks back and forth between the bar and the lounge.
The Stalker can be found on the upper floor of the locked-down penthouse. He’s standing at a window watching Heidi.
The Exterminators isin the yard at the backside of the hotel, next to his van.Another one is on the ground floor of the south wing.


If you want to manipulate the volateg in the recording room it says you need a “voltage crew” or technician, I don’t remember now. But you just need a normal recording crew disguise, just so you know.

So, the Stalker is the only “fun disguise” in this? What can you do with it? LOL I don’t even know how he could reach the closed penthouse.

Stalk people huehuehue

Only 11 disguises ? :tired_face:

So, the Stalker is the only “fun disguise” in this? What can you do with it? LOL I don’t even know how he could reach the closed penthouse.

I don’t know. I just found the guy while I was snooping around, knocked him out, took his cloths and switched back to my previous disguise.

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Same here I’m hoping there is some fun scenario with his disguise but I doubt it.

So far I’ve found only 2 disguises that you can actually pick up:-

  • The waiter disguise
  • The chef disguise

These are both in the basement. Are there any others?

I think I found a Hotel Staff disguise in the basement, too. There’s also a Recording Crew outfit in one of the hotel rooms next to 47’s.

Ah yes I forgot about the recording staff outfit. I’ll scour the basement for that other disguise now. Thanks.

The Stalker outfit is just there to allow for the creation of difficult contracts. Heh heh.

It’s kinda like the Prisoner outfit from Marrakesh. But while the Prisoner made all NPCs enforcers, the Stalker makes every zone you’re in hostile. I think this differs in that even the dummy NPCs (who don’t have a full AI and who don’t have white outlines in instinct mode) will notice you in the Stalker outfit. Not that there are many of them in Bangkok anyway. There might be other AI differences too.

Incidentally, when Morgan takes his phone call in the linen room, he kicks everyone out and the room suddenly turns from a non-trespassing zone to a trespassing zone if you’re wearing a hotel staff outfit. Is this the first time that zone permissions dynamically change like that?

Nah. Zone permissions can also change at frisk points / invitation points or target lockdown areas.

Am I right in thinking that the casual suit is also a disguise? In previous levels, just wearing it into the level hasn’t been enough for the chameleon challenge. You’ve had to change out of, and back into, the starting suit.

A hotel guard disguise can be found in the security room, the one shown in the trailer that is. Level 2 In the wing with the recording studio.

Is there any VIP disguise on Bangkok ? Like Helmut in Paris ?

I can’t see no Abel walking between the bar and lounge, just House Keepers. Anyone know where one exactly is?

That’s the bar where you can find him. It’s right next to the lounge.

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i wore every disguise but still didnt get chameleon

Remember the disguise you choose to start with don’t count, you have to change to all disguises for it to unlock :smiley:.

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Yeah I have started as kitchen staff but as I physically haven’t changed into it I don’t have that challenge.

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thanks dude!