Bangkok, kill everyone challenge


Killed 290 and my compromised alert disappeared. Roamed the level shooting the Barotelli handgun hoping to see “Gunshots heard” or hear someone but found no more people. Did this rambo style. Anybody find anymore or is Bangkok limited to 288 NPC + targets?



I’ve had 291 + targets.

Good idea with the shooting to check for more btw, never considered that.

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Clearly missed out on 3 though! :rage:


maybe there are more hidden guys like the one playing golf.

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The gold old kill everyone challenge :smiley: I will give it a go it’s definitely doable.

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#292 (294)

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Knew it would be easy for you, you kill everyone on every playthrough anyway :sweat_smile:.


I just did mine. Forgot to kill the “gold club” guy :confused: Btw Am I the only one who thinks that every map should have a “kill everyone” challenge? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the only one that hasn’t been done is Marrakesh I would love for someone to attempt that :joy:.

Oh and the bonus episodes too forgot those.


Took my time killed a big portion with the katana, combat knife and fire axe :smiley:. I forgot to take my sniper so I couldn’t kill the guy behind the box oh well

It really sucks how bad the performance drops in this game when you go on killing sprees it was so bad.


Should totally be a challenge. Talk about massive replayabilty. I think it would need a target “countdown” counter on screen though so we know how may there actually are in each map.

EDIT: But those poor speedrunners LOL.

  1. Golf guy was tricky though, I didn’t pack my Lancer! lol

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Today it’s Jordan’s Cross 27th Birthday, the day where everyone die and 47 dance :

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Here’s something I put together just for kicks along these lines:


Holy shit :smiley::smile: I don’t know how you guys have the patience to pile bodies up like that I get to about ten before I think fuck that :sweat_smile:.


I did it here and there through a couple of days using saves. No plans to do it again though, it really took way too long and the game crashed if I got too close to the pile, plus it would lag out hard after I dropped bodies over the rail.

Going to try killing everyone in Marrakesh next, not sure if I’ll finish though since Deus Ex comes out midnight tomorrow.

Edit, or I guess today since it passed midnight where I live a bit ago.


Yeah it’s a real bummer the performance drops so drastically when you go on killing sprees.


Wish granted!

Mass Murder in Marrakesh, over 800 kills…


Haha the performance drops in this game are a joke. Nicely done I bet it took you ages how did you find the school with all the soldiers?