Bangkok security room - how to reliably delete evidence without detection


Since the November patch and its removal of the Bangkok camera tapes from the security hut in the back yard, I’ve been having no luck at all in finding a reliable method to wipe the only remaining security tapes in the first floor security room. It’s scaring the shit out of me for future Bangkok Elusives because I play ETs on a strict no-restarts basis and so currently if I got recorded on camera during a Bangkok ET I’d be more likely to just head for the exit and forfeit a potential SA rating (loss of the No Recordings bonus) than I would run the risk of failing the ET by getting spotted deleting the evidence and subsequent arrest/combat.

So I’m looking for your help, HMF! Please can anybody show me a reliable way (i.e. one that can be repeated every time) to delete the recordings in Bangkok without getting spotted, with the following assumptions in place:

Assumption 1 - 47 has access to a Security disguise which hasn’t been Compromised
Assumption 2 - 47 has the Bangkok master key card in his possession
Assumption 3 - 47 has a silenced Silverballer (i.e. not looking for strategies that use the quieter Kruegermeier pistol)

Thanks very much in advance for your help, everyone! :slight_smile:

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Blow up a fire extinguisher outside the security room and destroy the evidence while the guards investigate :smile:


Aw man, is that really the most reliable method the game (in its current state) allows? That seems awful risky to do during an ET run, and I am a cautious (read: scared!) player!


I’m 99% sure there’ll be a more reliable method - that’s just the first one I came up with :smiley:


You could time correctly and avoid all security cameras, if that’s an option. I am not aware of a reliable method for deleting the evidence at present.


Cheers for the post, but avoiding cameras isn’t an option I’m looking for here - Bangkok is a camera-heavy level and it’s easy to get caught even if you’re careful (especially during the pressure of an ET), so any solution is going to have to be a reliable way of deleting the tapes rather than avoiding cameras altogether.


Go into the room from the door closest to the staircase, sneak behind the table at the end of the room, what till the guy who can spot you is at the table on your left, and shoot the tapes from the right hand side of the table. It worked for me, even if it’s not the most reliable method.


Thanks, will give that a try… although I’m a bit worried to hear that you haven’t always found that method reliable!

Surely after IOI removed the security tapes in the hut there must be some way of nailing the remaining first floor tapes every time?


It’s more because I’m a bad shot than anything else.


There is Master card in Basement. Then make sure no one sees you when you open security door. Then sneak behind table and shoot the recorder and escape

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I sneak my way into the room and hide between the wall and the security computer. You can crouch there. Then you can delete the evidence with a silent shot or by “typing” into the machine.


I just open the door opposite to the recordings with any disguise, then take the cover in front of me. I use a coin to make everyone look away from me, then shoot at the recorder, holster my gun and sneak away.


There’s a master key that’s much closer to the security room. It’s just across the hall, on a table in the room with all the hotel staff cleaning up.


Wow, this is the first time I’ve even seen that IOI removed the camera recordings from the back-yard security hut in Bangkok. Why did they do that? And why didn’t they mention it in the November Update Release Notes?

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Sad but true. :sob: I actually really liked the November update (and am positive about it overall: the Offline improvements were very welcome indeed), but I think they made a backwards step with the Bangkok security hut camera tapes removal and I’d really like to see the tapes return to the hut in the December patch.

EDIT - actually should mention for @Shrodax’s benefit that the November update also seems to have made a few security rooms trespassing zones if you are not in a disguise that is allowed to openly carry weapons. Not sure about situation in every single level, but certainly in Paris (the basement security room) and Marrakesh (the embassy ground floor security room) the rooms with the tapes are now trespassing zones if you’re not in guard/bodyguard disguises, whereas previously you could enter the rooms in various staff disguises. Just FYI fella. :slight_smile:

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The only reliable way I can think off is getting a hotel security disguise, the master card at the laundry in the basement and learning the cycles for the guards at the room. It’s better to either shoot at the recorder with the Kruegermeier 2-2 or erase manually.


Thanks to everyone for their help so far in this topic. The best method I’ve found so far is @Silverballer’s suggestion to crouch behind the desk on the ‘staircase’ side of the room and pop the tapes with a silenced pistol shot when the enforcer guard is at the table on your left. Also seems to work when the enforcer guard is at the table with the tapes, providing your shot misses him. However, if you shoot whilst the enforcer is at the table on your right then I have found I’m getting fairly consistently Spotted shooting the tapes… FYI chaps!

Shooting the tapes whilst the enforcer is at either the ‘left’ or ‘rear’ tables seems to consistently work, but you also have to consistently remain out of sight of EVERYONE in the room after taking the shot, as Crime Noticed pops up and all 3 guards become enforcers who will bust you if they see you. If you make it out of the room and then away from the area without being seen by those 3 guards (think I have this down as a reliable, repeatable manoeuvre now) then you’re golden.

Still, always on the lookout for more reliable, less risky solutions, so if anyone can better that then I - and I’m sure the rest of HMF - am all ears!


Shame they took out the shed tapes. They were so easy to erase.


I think that was why it got removed. Too easy to destroy.

I still say they should have moved some object around in the hut, thus making it harder to erase, meaning you would get spotted if you tried to shoot it, as you would have to get further inside the hut.


WTF? Those are all kinda really big deals that should have at least been mentioned in the release notes for the November update. I wonder how many people are gonna have an ET fucked up because they didn’t know about these changes and continued to use their same strategies for deleting security footage. One of my usual go-to’s in Paris is to start as a chef in the locker room and immediately delete the footage in the nearby security room once the guard turns his back. Thanks for alerting me to this so I’ll know what not to do anymore in a level.

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