Bed as a hiding spot for NPCs

Recently I was playing the Chasing a Ghost, and at some point I got to take out 4 guards in one of the gang’s outposts that also had 4 beds. It occurred to me that it would be cool if we were able to place the NPC’s there, as if they were asleep, so that if other NPCs entered the room, they would ignore them being passed out (or at the very least not count as bodies found). Thoughts?


Would be a great idea in general to use beds, sofas, chairs, etc. But only for the clean kills (e.g. Fiber wire, Neck Snap, Poison) which leave no visibile bloodstains.


Yes, to make the most of the idea, also extend this to sofas, chairs, etc.

I once KO’ed a guard in the Consulate in Marrakesh (I threw something at him). It’s in the center of the building and he stands by the stairway going down. He was slightly slumped over, I think I may have even took his disguise, but he was still up on 2 feet. And there is another guard that goes in and out of that room… He never noticed him being KO’d so I guess there must be something to it.

But yeah. This would be nice. Like you can drag someone to stuff into a container, maybe 47 could prop them up in a chair or on a bed.

To take the idea further… one could plant weapons next to bodies. Like if you shoot Jordan Cross (for example) in the side of the head, then lay a pistol down on the ground near his body… When the guards come to investigate the gun-shot - they see his body and think that he committed suicide.

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Would that work in another situation, as in, I blow his chin off with a shotgun and leave it on his body


“Oh dear, he seems to have shot himself in the back of the head with a sniper rifle!”


Worse things have happened in Walmart.

Yes, I like it. Can’t help but think of this, though . . .


Having a staged-suicide Accident Kill would be interesting, because it’s no different than isolating them and syringing them.

Tbh tho I think if you could put an NPC in any bed, sofa or chair it’d be too easy. There are enough boxes and such as it is.

It would be just a matter of not including as many boxes through out the map. The amount of boxes per map is a bit too excessive anyway, and this would be an alternative that might make sense.


I like this idea, but I think the bed thing might be difficult to animate because of the covers. It would eliminate the need for boxes and closets, so maybe you can only stage unconscious bodies on furniture - just to add a layer of challenge? And like @Serious_Pony said, no blood stains.
Oh! And if they wake up, they won’t go and alert anyone because they’ll just think they fell asleep in a chair!

P.S. I can already see videos of people staging boxer-clad bodies in chairs in some eerie display :laughing: