Beldingford Manor bugs and questions

I’m having some difficulties going trough Beldingford Manor on pro, but apparently the same bug exists on normal… I use the following method:

I sneak into the labyrinth and go down to the basement, I proceed to silently kill and indoor guard who wanders around with my fiberwire, cleanly and silently. I take his clothes and don’t mind the body, since no one goes into this area - Unless I leave it in the room right in front of the whisky barrel. I then proceed to enter the house, go uspstairs and I trough the room where a lady is taking a shower - I kill the lord with the pillow and then go silently downstairs, passing by some guards but keeping the distance, very little suspicion and such, everything is going fine… Here’s the problem, after I kill Alistair (and I did it with the wire, since his drunk friend doesn’t seem to notice anything) I leave and when I’m outside reaching the stable the game just randomly says my cover has been blown and that the guards are now looking for an indoor guard - I didn’t do anything wrong, no one saw me killing Alistair but it appears the bug is triggered by his death and not the Lord’s… I was thinking if it could have been the butler, but I’m not sure, and it’s not the disguise’s fault since the same happened when I wore and outdoor guard’s disguise, but I escaped quickly and undetected…

Has anyone experienced this and found a way to fix it?

Is there a way to blow up Alistair and his friend using the fuel and still get SA?

And is there a way to hide Alistair’s body?

I’ve never experienced any bug like this, but Alistair’s body can be hidden by dragging it behind the short table next to the window.

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musicismath it worked - If no one finds the body, apparently the bug doesn’t exist - Another way to hide the body, though more risky, is to drag him to the room on your left and up the spiral stairs - It’s risky and you’ll have to avoid the butler and a guard who patrols that room - I ended up with one close encounter though, and still SA - But no alerts, I guess it was probably the stable boy, the guy pisses me of. The fact this mission is somewhat hard makes it worth to have SA in the end, it took me 15m

I never needed to fiberwire Alistair, I just poisoned the whisky barrel in the cellar and let the butler do the rest (unknowingly of course). By the way, you don’t need to kill the guard in the cellar. You can sneak through the manor upstairs to get a guest outfit. Less suspicion inside the manor.

I know that theGhost, but I like to try new methods, I’m not new to this, i’ve acquired the hunting party member disguise several times, but using the same way of completing this makes it boring, I like to vary… I also poison him sometimes, but I also like wiring him for a change - And I personally prefer sedating the waiter and putting the poisoned whisky on the glass myself, feels better IMO


Now that’s interesting. I’ve also had the bug where the alert appears saying that guards are looking for a suspicious <whatever I’m wearing at the time>, but I always started by sedating the stable boy and rescuing Northcott Jr., so I always figured the bug was triggered when the stable boy woke up. (In fact, on one occasion I wired the sniper, dragged him behind some hay bales to make sure both he and I were well out of sight, waited until the stable boy had woken up and the alert had gone out, and then changed into the sniper’s clothes. So the guards were looking for a suspicious stable boy and I was now dressed as an outdoor guard.)

I’m now in the habit of doing both kills and then rescuing Northcott Jr. on the way out.

I don’t think it is possible to blow up Alistair and get SA. Partly because I’ve never managed to do it without getting caught, and partly because the game always moves an outdoor guard to the nearby window when the gasoline tank falls, so he will be killed. If the blast kills Alistair’s drinking partner as well then that’s two kills and therefore no SA.

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I realize that theghost, yet I like to attempt new strategies, I’m not new to this, i’ve gained the chasing party part camouflage a few times, yet utilizing the same method for finishing this makes it exhausting, I like to change… I likewise harm him now and then, yet I additionally like wiring him for a change - And I for one favor quieting the server and putting the harmed whisky on the glass myself, feels better IMO


I have problem!!! I save game on Bledingford Manor and when i try to load it my game crashes! Anybody know’s what is problem?

I hope I´m not breaking rules writing this topic.
But I have the Medallion DVD-ROM which is the latest patch too(1.74 if I remember correctly).
Now for the record I did not use cheats.
But i think there are many bugs in Beldinford manor…
Some may be just how the game works but…
Ok…I jumped on Professional from normal thinking this would be as easy as Blood Money…Big mistake…
I got to this level and my route and actions were like this:
To the hedge maze…Down to wine cellar…Hesitated with guard going to wine cellar part.
When he went though the door to wine cellar where he stops.I sneaked after him…Then creeped(or what is called)with fiber wire…When i got up to strangle him…Same moment my cover was blown…
The butler was not on the other side…Drag the body out of there…Was confused about where I come out.But went staircase which end up to pool table room…I was hiding behind pillar…i don´t know how long…Back downstairs…Passed two guards in the kitchen…Ended up outside…Climbed the ladder…Took poison…went and looked from keyhole to the shower…Backed out from window(I had been playing this so much I was panicking)though I take out everyone that is in the way…So I stalked the guard below the ladder balcony thinking I could fibre wire him…It ended up him following me…It was a five minutes merry go around circling between the laundry drying and below the stairs balcony…Finally he got me…pulled the gun(with message that my guard cower was blown)and started shooting…I took out my gun and with the close range ended up hitting him with it…When he fell down(guards,dogs and what ever alert popped)I shot him…Dragged him far away from windows and between the sheets…Dropped him…Walked back near the balcony window…tried to think what next…One of the hunters which walk between the staples and mansion walked in…Look at the guard…saw he´s dead and returned back outside…I was standing near the pillar with gun out!..Well no alerts…Managed to get to heater(or boiler)room without being shot by two guards(?)…Turned off the heat and waited the shower lady to come…Wires her…After that…The door did not open…It had the selection of"Look through keyhole"and “Cancel”…i spend over and hour dragging the corpse…Running,sneaking and everything around the door…There was no way out!i even shot the windows…But there i was…With no option then restart…Getting locked up was weird but more I wondered how my cover was blown two times?