Berlin Egg Hunt Permanent Seasonal Content

Why isn’t Berlin Egg Hunt permanent seasonal content yet? I mean it’s great and it would be one of my favorite escalations if playable at all time. The Mills Reverie was awesome and they kept it. So why not for this escalation (I am exluding normal seasonal content as that is just a simple mission with a target and usually super easy.)? I really like the escalation but the escalation is only available for a little while. And don’t get me wrong. I love timed contracts like Elusive Targets (ETs) but this is a “Too late? Too bad!” Situation. If you’re late or got the game after easter, you lose. You cannot try it again. I dunno if it will come back as seasonal content this year, but if it will i hope they will keep it.

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Because seasonal content is seasonal content.
As usual they release it permanently on the second year of game existence.
So we might expect BEH to be released permanently around Easter this year