Berlin-style hits as game mode (spoilers for berlin)

i really like berlin.

it reminds me of blood money and hitman 2: silent assassin with the rival assassins trying to take 47 out.

it also reminds me of ‘hunter and hunted’, one of the handful of levels that absolution got right.

as a set-up, it really embraces hitman’s free-form nature and gives players a chance to flex their skills, map knowledge and imagination.

i’d love to see this style of hit as a game mode on other maps.

instead of killing the main targets, you have to hunt and kill x number of assassins; kind of like a hitman equivalent of rainbow six’s terrorist hunt. it could make use of a lot of areas that the main missions don’t embrace.

additionally, it would make for an interesting optional modifier to existing levels, where-in you have to kill the main story targets while x number of assassins are searching for you (though killing them wouldn’t affect the sa rating). done right, that could really reframe how players have to approach missions.

obviously this is highly unlikely to be implemented and a ton of work, but it’s a wish list, innit? why not wish big :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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