Best and worst storyline in a Hitman game?

Hitman games aren’t exactly known as masterpieces of storytelling (nor do they need to be), but nevertheless I thought it would be fun to rank them in that regard. Which Hitman games have the best and worst storyline, in your opinion?

Personally, I’d say Codename 47 had the closest thing to a good story - it was not very well presented (the game basically spoils all the major plot twists before they even happen) but it did a good job of tying into the gameplay and had some interesting characters.

My least favorite was Absolution by a long shot - not only the worst storyline in a Hitman game, but probably the worst I’ve seen in any videogame.


best: silent assassin

worst: absolution


best story was hitman 2 silent assassin. i liked the sense of adventure that it had, and 47’s monologue at the end really developed him as a character

worst was HITMAN/HITMAN 2. i hate all the retcons, and 47 killing diana’s parents is just… bad fanfic. even absolution was better lmao. the stories within the levels are pretty good though


Best: Silent Assassin and 47’s Spiritual Search

Worst: Hitman 2 and MEMORY SYRINGE plot device

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Best: H2:SA for the sense of the long jouney for a man haunted by his past and having to get back into his old lifestyle to survive.

Worst: H2016/H2. After Colorado things started to get a bit iffy for me but after Mumbai I just lost all the appreciation for the main story. Outside this, the stories within various of the levels and some Elusive Targets (even Bonus Missions) are actually pretty enjoyable.


makes me happy to see other people hate the new story just as much as I do.

they retconned absolution out of existence to escape ‘bad writing’ and now they’re gonna have to do it again lmao


The best story line is from Hitman 2 Silent Assassin and the worst is Absolution. I think the Absolution story could have been much better if they scrapped the Dexter subplot and just kept at a focus on the conflict between Travis and 47/Diana.


Best: HITMAN World of Assassination. Yes the plot still has some really stupid things but on the whole it still better than…

Worst: Hitman Absolution.


Best: Hitman GO

Worst: Absolution


I don’t remember the old ones enough to answer this question, but I will say I love the actual in-mission stories of the current game. Great targets, cool setups, nice dialogues. It’s all great… except for the between mission cutscenes and overarching narrative, which I think are terrible. It’s a super weird disconnect.

That’s not very yeehaw of you. And I don’t usually yeehaw. But this is a fucking yeehaw!

I liked B-Movie vibes. Felt like something from Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez. Sure, it was cheesy and un-Hitmanish, but hella stylish.


Ok, for real this time, the best is Silent Assassin, and the worst is Absolution

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best Story has Codename 47, by far. SAs Story is also very well, Contracts doesn’t really have a story but is atmospheric af and the trippy Cutscenes make up the missing Plot.
Blood Moneys plot is kinda weak, but i like the way its told, with Jack as ‘Narrator’.
Absolutions Story is Shit, but at least it had some ‘colorful’ Characters.
HITMANs Story is at first very subtle and interesting but when the Colorado Cutscene comes, it’s all over and continues to go down hill through HITMAN 2. i hope the can pull of a good one for Hitman 3, which reawakes my love and interest in the franchise again.


Codename 47 rocks, HITMAN 2 is shit.


SAY 'ELLO TO MY LIL FRIEND! © Nobody, since everyone kills Ochoa with a sniper shot instead of listening to his druggie ramblings


This game [C47] is a dark and serious tale. Now run around some druggie’s compound while he shouts movie references at you and tries mincing you with an M60. Also you have to sacrifice a jaguar to a “jungle god” to access this level.


i open the door, watch the Cutscene and run towards Pablo while he climbs over the Table, he’ll clip through 47 and i slit his Throat. :smile:

@Accidental-kills98 i love the ‘Transition Levels’ in Codename 47 and SA. Lee Hong, Pablo Ochoa and Hayamoto Sr feel so much more powerful and dangerous through those levels. You have to start a War between two Triads and the Police before even thinking of killing Lee Hong, you get dropped in the jungle, needing the natives help to find Pablo’s Camp because not even the ICA could find him. once you found him hes protected by a small Army and he ambushes you with a M60.

In Hitman 2, they start you 50m away from Rico Delgados Mansion and Diana tells you how dangerous everyone, especially Rico himself is - he cries for help when held at gunpoint.

Showing > Telling.


Yet the gameplay in the newer games is so superior to c47 it’s not even funny anymore.

And the transition levels were utter shit and boring


of course the Gameplay is much better, the games are 18 years apart from each other.
but its a Thread about the Story, so the Gameplay Aspect doesn’t count, i think.


I have to agree. I feel as thought they don’t actually develop the villains status or give them a sense of importance or danger. They just feel like obstacles to blast through to get to the game you bought. You know the part where a man takes out a hit on someone.

Jup it’s just filler to make the game seem longer than it is. But unlike filler episodes in like manga or whatever that are funny, these transitions levels are straight up boring.