Best and worst storyline in a Hitman game?

I find it funny we’re talking about Hitman/2 retconning stuff, when Absolution seemed to basically retcon Blood Money’s plot of the ICA being wiped out. Then you’ve got Contracts which arguably casually retcons details from Codename 47. And hell, if you want to be pedantic, I think Silent Assassin retcons Diana’s character a bit, since her spoken British accent is definetly different to the way she spoke in her text boxes in Codename 47.

I love Blood Money’s story. I mean OK, there isn’t much of a cohesive narrative to the whole thing, since it really does mostly consist of random 47 missions. But I love the increasing tension of the ICA being wiped out, the clone threat, and the unease as you wonder where the narration is going. I think the FBI Director is the best antagonist in the series, honestly, I love him, even if he doesn’t really do much in terms of being a villian.

Silent Assassin is a story I want to like, but I only appreciate in theory. I love the beginning and the ending, but everything inbetween? I honestly couldn’t tell you what the plot actually is. Stuff happens which connects 47’s missions, but from memory I couldn’t tell you what any of it really means in the long run, aside from 47 seemingly just always being a second too late to catch the main villian.


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin had a nicely rounded plot of a troubled ex-assassin forced back into the game to track down his abducted friend. His hunt for Vittorio was like his hunt for Victoria in Absolution, but the emotional themes were far more subtle.
The story of Absolution was okay, but the characters and atmosphere wasn’t. I also wasn’t a fan of the overused plot from Season 2. It seems as the games go, the gameplay improves but the plots worsen.

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so you would prefer the game to go like this:

Lee Hong Assassination
Say Hello to my little Friend
Traditions of the Trade
Plutonium run loose
Meet your Brother

That would be boring and feel terribly disconnected, but okay.

Blood Money I always felt retconned Contracts to make it seem like 47 wasn’t playing Idiot Ball when he got shot by the inspector and the inspector was actually (and ludicrously) a part of some random secret society that never existed until BM.

Yes I only care about the gameplay and the hits, I dont care if it feels disconnected. Levels without actual target are simply super boring and they should never ever go back to that


That’s a great development in my book

I’m not sure I consider that a retcon. In Contracts, when 47 stumbles into the hotel room, say that the guy who shot him recognised him? To me, the whole thing about 47 getting shot, and the ending with Diana and 47 on the plane with Diana talking about a new threat seemed like deliberate loose threads to tease the next game Blood Money.


That plot had a lot of layers, I remember. The secret war between the two agencies, the withering ICA, and not being certain of 47’s place in the plot - only to realise he’s integral.
Speaking of which, something Seasons 1 and 2 did well (especially 1) was have a protagonist who seems to have nothing to do with the plot unfolding around him. I thought that was quite interesting as 47 was more of an observer in the first season and it still didn’t feel like we were missing out.

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It is rather funny though how Season 1 and Codename 47 both have the same plot device. 47 goes on a series of seemingly unconnected missions, before it turning out that all the missions were ordered by the same person, and that they were all connected.

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Hitman 2016 and Season 2 definitely excel in level-stories. No matter how godawful of abomination is the main plot now, but each level is so awesome to explore and learn about.

I mean. yesterday on Reddit I read a dude who spent 4+ hours listening to NPC conversations and all kinds of clues to prove that Sierra Knox is a lesbian. AND HE DID!


Honestly I figured she was a lesbian when they referred to her lovers with last names like Romanov. Nice to have confirmation but I wish IO did more with it.

(That reddit user is not a he, just FYI)


Actually, it would be a male last name, proper female last name would be Romanova.
Just saying.

Most writers aren’t sticklers about the finer points of Russian naming conventions. Can’t Romanov be used for females as well. Like the royal faimily?

Splendid. “AND SHE DID!” then!

Do you have a link to the post? Never mind I found it.

Honestly the in-mission stories are the reason why I support getting rid of a main story.

Yet Marvel have Natascha Romanov (or Romanoff) without “a”. People rarely care about stuff like that when it comes to Russian language. А жаль.


Technically it is Natalia and even more technically it is Natasha written in the Anglophonic tradition rather than the Russified name.
Also Romanova was BW last name for a while but honestly using Black Widow, a super spy to win a debate on names is useless since she has had so many aliases and so many retcons.