Best Atmosphere?

Who thinks it has the best atmosphere of the entire series very bleak raining all the time despicable targets etc.

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Both moods are nice, but I’d deffo like another dark Hitman

i think H2:SA has the best atmosphere out of all the games. it just mixes everything together so well. the settings, the story, the music.
Contracts’ atmosphere is good but it’s too one-tone. SA is much more diverse.

the new games are trying to achieve what SA had. and it comes close, but we haven’t had any really dark, gritty missions yet. no rain and snow in the night. some things came close, like Hawkes Bay and Sgail. but not enough imo. if H3 has some really dark missions, i might consider it to have the same level of atmosphere as SA.


It is so grim the whole game your there shot reliving past missions always in the dark and rain.

As been mentioned in the H3 wishes thread, I think that with the advancements in technology, a few dark and gritty missions in the new game would be absolutely amazing.

An ominous rainy level like Rotterdam or Beldingford Manor would be so incredible with the vastly superior gameplay/aesthetic of the new games.

Also personally feel like the new levels are a bit too “busy”. There’s so much going on it becomes difficult to appreciate the minor details in the levels, Mumbai being an example of this. Would like a “roomier” level so to speak. For me, Hokkaido kind of nailed the balance of being complex and simple. A map like that but gritty could be so interesting.

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I would love to see Beldingford Manor in Hi Def.

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