'Best Case Scenario' Challenge Pack


Live within the next 30 mins or so, as soon as people get chance please post the challenges below :heart_eyes: (please)


It’s here.


Wait… there’s a Crypt?!?

While I’m not familiar with Isle of Sgail that much, I love this challenge pack.


Its the room with the Electric chair


Simple, but fun to do.

Tried it out in game, though I feel it’s too fast?


You have to throw it after spinning around, that’s how it originally was really slow

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Where’s the briefcase in the morgue?

The normal briefcase you bring along works for all challenges. Be it as an Agency Pickup or in your suit. So essentially drop your briefcase in the morgue, put on the disguise and pick up the briefcase.


Explains why it didn’t look so buggy when I used it on launch. Can’t get it to be as buggy as the classic videos show, I might suck at throwing briefcases.

edit: nvm it just works

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The crypt is to the right when looking up the stairs to the effigy where you can burn Zoe (I think it’s Zoe)

It has a ladder leading up to the security room, and is directly under the room where the master of ceremonies is panicking in his red cape.

I havent had a chance to try these challenges yet, but I cant think of where else it could be.


I’m trying to do anther suitcase in another face Got any strats to remain undetected and not end up in combat

Take a briefcase and Krugermeier and start with the two guards in the shack. Approach the crowd of people and let the script play until they leave, once they do, lockpick the door to the shack, crouch and shoot near the window to distract one of the guards. Then proceed to throw briefcase of both of them and dump their bodies through the window.

After that, focus on the two guards at the stairs. Cover behind the covered boat, and throw the briefcase at your feet to distract the guard closer to you. Pick up the briefcase, run behind the other guard, throw the briefcase at him and then throw the briefcase at the second guard. Dump their body in the water.

Lastly, the two guard on the pier. Should be easy enough - again, just distract one (with a shot from Krugermeier) and once he starts moving, throw the briefcase at both of them. Also, I recommend playing on Casual just in case.


Thx Helped a lot

20 characters


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Thanks for uploading the challenges :+1: doesn’t look too difficult!

The Baggage We Carry was probably the hardest of the bunch, and even that was easy. Should anyone have trouble with getting any target to a good spot, what I did was starting the wake ceremony and knocking the woman that tells the musician to stop. This forces Zoe/Sophia (I don’t remember which one) to be in front of the small staircase, only she stays there. Not sure if infinitely, but definitely for quite a while. That should give you a plenty of time to reach the top of the Citadel Tower and have a good shot on a immobile target. Note: Citadel is the building where The Constant resides, not the glass penthouse, which is where I also made a stupid mistake :smiley:.

Generally enjoyable challenge pack without any bullshit challenges. Just wish it was a tad-bit harder, though.

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It only works if u dump the guards out the shack window for some reason

It works with guards thrown into the ocean. Perhaps you knocked out some of them with melee prompt so they didn’t count?

Trying to do that but everytime I try and pick up the briefcase I pick up a pistol

This was pretty fun and love the description of the briefcase. That self awareness is delicious!