Best/Favorite Suit?

Might be a stupid thread to make, but even though I hated the game, I really like the absolution suit. But if it’s for goofiness, it’s a tie between the flamingo and Santa.

Favourite Regular Bloody Money,
Fave non signature (no red tie) either Midnight or Colombia, depending on locations climate
Goofiness, Corky the Clown

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I also love the classic all black suit because of the effort it took to get it. Definitely not as hard as black leather briefcase of classic coin though

Of all the ones I own at the moment, I’d have to say either the Italian suit with gloves or the tuxedo with gloves.

Mumbai’s suit was pretty good too though.

this is my favorite suit


My favourite suit is the Absolution Suit at the end of the game, the one with the handkerchief, earpiece, and tie clip. Second favourite is the Blood Money Suit, small things like the striped tie, shirt, and the occasional buttoning of the jacket adds so much character like the Absolution Suit. Favourite location based suit would be Casual Tourist, the Italian Suit is pretty good, but that blue/purple shirt just bleeds so much coolness lol.


Absolution suit all day. ICA pin kills it.


Really does. I remember how professional it looked, along with the earpiece, it just feels so realistic and like the ultimate suit.

I thought it was nice how (in Bloody Money) 47 wears his suit buttoned in a more formal place, and unbuttoned where it suits. Nice little feature, not as good as current system of course

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1 Summer suit with white gloves
2 mumbai suit with gloves
3 phantom suit

Signature suit with gloves, easily.

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I know some people don’t like hats, but (IMO) that’s screaming for a hat.

I’m looking forward to getting the Undying Look.

Best signature: Blood Money suit with gloves
Best non-signature: Midnight or Cowboy suit
Best goofy: Corky the Clown


Absolution suit, bc it is properly hi-res and detailed, red of the tie is rich, suits looks black and not dirty charcoal grey and the shape of shoulders is right, unlike with the Signature suit.

Second is Tuxedo with a mask - it is a proper tuxedo with a silk stripe on the side of the pants and cummerbund (unlike the Paris one), and i love running around with the mask, like some deranged out of place Phantom of the Opera. Just wish it would have the same hi-res quality like the H2016 suits have.


the raven is objectively the best, I love the covert feel. makes me want to do panther runs every time I use it

Clown suit is by far the best, nothing comes close

which version of it though?

3 pixels (BM)


h i  r e s H2

The new one

Signature suit with gloves.


For the classical, I go for the Absolution and Blood Money suit.
I also like the Cowboy, Italian, Summer suit.
Sometimes I also go for both tuxedo versions and the white yukata (when I want to role play as ronin assassin).

The funny ones (clown, Santa, Flamingo) are not my cup of tea, sorry.

Too bad I can’t have the Phantom suit, that looks really badass, but unfortunaly I don’t play ghost mode for now.

BTW, I am the only one who wish to dress the Cicada bodyguard outfit on every mission?

Edit: still waiting to unlock the Imperial and Suburban suit, the Colombia one is a shitty version of the casual outfit of Bangkok, wich is far better.