Best Hitman - detailed poll

With new poll types released lately, i decided to make this topic. Now we can not only vote on best or worst Hitman title, but rate every game as a separate title, and see its average. Please rate certain title from 1 to 5 scale only if you beat a whole game. The same grades for different titles are allowed (for example you can rate two or more titles with 5 or any other grade).

1: worst grade (i don’t like the game at all)
5: best grade (i very like the game)

Hitman: Codename 47:

[poll name=hc47 type=number min=1 max=5][/poll]

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin:

[poll name=h2 type=number min=1 max=5][/poll]

Hitman: Contracts:

[poll name=hc type=number min=1 max=5][/poll]

Hitman: Blood Money:

[poll name=hbm type=number min=1 max=5][/poll]

Hitman: Absolution:

[poll name=ha type=number min=1 max=5][/poll]

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I fixed a spelling mistake, and yeah, it’s good to have numbered polls, and proper ones this time too! At the moment, I haven’t played either of the games for too long, so I’ll only vote them based on how I remember them.

Also you could have used a 10 point scale, having 5 points is a bit too broad to express my opinion, especially since Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money would score similarly for me on this scale, while I actually have different feelings about those. Oh well, a points system itself forces people to express their opinion in a broad manner.

Fine, I’ll put up another set of polls.

A poll with more choices:

Hitman: Codename 47

[poll name=hc47 type=number min=1 max=10][/poll]

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

[poll name=h2 type=number min=1 max=10][/poll]

Hitman: Contracts

[poll name=hc type=number min=1 max=10][/poll]

Hitman: Blood Money

[poll name=hbm type=number min=1 max=10][/poll]

Hitman: Absolution

[poll name=ha type=number min=1 max=10][/poll]

I suggest make another thread @Dev_Chand, it’s kinda weird the actual poll is on the third post and people may just come and vote on first one without knowing of the other.


I think 5 points is broad enough. I can’t change that now anyway without interrupting in averages, so let’s leave 2 polls and let people vote in both.

So, my ratings were as follows:

Codename 47 - 7/10
Silent Assassin - 9/10
Contracts - 7/10
Blood Money - 9/10 (I’ve kind of changed my mind about it lately)
Absolution - 6/10

If I were to be a little more “objective”, the score for 47 and Contracts would’ve probably been lower, but hey - they’re both Hitman games, and that already makes me enjoy them more than most games I’ve played.

Can’t believe Codename 47 is more favored than Absoloution! :confused:

Nostalgia wins xD

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Codename 47 has some of the best missions in the whole series, like Lee Hong Assassination and Traditions of the Trade. Absolution was “only” good throughout the game (the peaks being the Chinatown parts and Blackwater) with a couple massive drops in quality (The last two levels). While C47 also has its peaks and drops, the peaks are way higher and the drops not so steep in my opinion.


Codename 47 might be a ridiculously outdated, glitchy and frustrating game, but it at least lives up to it’s name. You’re a hitman who travels all across the world and gets paid for eliminating targets in the most efficient way. All of the missions either involve or build up to an assassination. The game cleverly ties it’s narrative with the globetrotting hitman experience, making it essentially about gradually finding out the truth behind all of your assignments.

On the other hand, Absolution is just an incoherent mess, from start to finish. It tells a terrible, plot-hole filled story that goes in a thousand different directions, and is literally a punishment for bad decisions made on your behalf. Not only that - the entire experience of being a hitman is sacrificed because of that godawful story. Sure, it occasionally throws some scraps at you, in the form of an actual assassination, but those are about 1/5th of the game, come out of nowhere (no buildup), are really short, compared to the “infiltration” levels and usually completely pointless and irrelevant to the story - why exactly did 47 decide to kill, say, the scientists in Dexter’s factory? And the rest of the game is just going from A to B, occasionally watching a cutscene where 47 fails to kill his target. Yay.

There’s really nothing I can say about Absolution that hasn’t already been said a thousand times. I’ve kind of been an apologist for that game ever since it came out, mostly because I was really excited for a modern Hitman game, which made me basically ignore or belittle all the bad parts and just focus on the good stuff. It’s not until I’ve watched the Spoiler Warning LP of that game that I’ve looked at the bigger picture and realized that yeah, it’s really not that good of a game. Ultimately, Contracts mode ultimately saves it, if only because it lets you enjoy what good features the game has to offer while ignoring much of the context.


Sure thing. It’s not only nostalgia. It’s my understatement and i myself rated C47 higher than Absolution. Except things you clearly wrote, C47 is a Hitman. Overlooking AI flaws (but, damn, even in Absolution AI doesn’t give a shit if you are sneaking or not), it has appropriate for professional killer atmosphere and it’s perfect beginning of the series.

I think broadening the range of the poll makes more sense when you add in the different axes like graphics, gameplay, plot/story, etc. We’re only comparing a handful of games.

I don’t think it’s crazy at all that people like C47 more than Absolution. You can close doors in C47. Seriously, that’s a major (and strangely trivial) issue in a stealth game.

And the inability to close doors isn’t the only functional problem holding Absolution back behind the first of the series. For me it’s not nostalgia at all since I started on Silent Assassin.

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Another big factor about Codename 47 is the levels and targets. Yes, not all levels in Codename 47 are good, but almost every level is distinct in some way or the other. You start with a sniping mission, then follow it up with a car bombing mission and a mission where you hide your weapons to use them later. Other missions have you retrieve an idol and rescue a member of a tribe, get past a jaguar, blow up a cocaine factory, use trams to bust into a warehouse, etc. Absolution does have some variety but a lot of it seems to be sneaking around in cover and sometimes getting to kill a target. This is also the sort of thing I haven’t seen ever since. Hitman 2 tried but quite a few levels still fit the “get disguise, get puzzle item, use item to gain further access/kill target” formula.

The targets are also larger than life, and fit the B movie vibe of that game pretty well. From a guy who runs a triad so powerful you have to kill several people to withdraw his police protection and start a triad war, and still has a lot of guards, to a person running a cocaine smuggling operation with a small army deep in the jungle, to two terrorists seeking to bomb a high profile hotel, to a gun runner so powerful he controls a huge part of the docks and has a nuclear bomb. Absolution’s targets seem random, and the main antagonists we see in the cutscenes often die in cutscenes, robbing the player of the feel of accomplishment.


Still not surprising to me that Blood Money is the highest rated.

It’s still the most fun, hands down. Silent Assassin at a close second because of the amount of stupid missions in that one.

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The 10 score poll is better. Is there anyway to move that to the top of the thread?

Blood money is just so incredible easy compared to the other games, that is my hugest problem. It has no stress or tension compared to the rest.

Perhaps after this new game comes out we won’t have to weigh the ease of BM against the problems of the other games. I’m hopeful that the new game is solid gold.

Honestly, if it weren’t for C47 we wouldn’t be there :stuck_out_tongue: When I was playing it 15 years ago I was mesmerized and instantly captivated by its story and game play. Apart from glitches and “almost every NPC’s got at least a dozen of clones roaming in the vicinity” it was, well excuse me, it’s still a great game. Sequels-wise, H2 SA and Blood Money are the top tier of all Hitman installments, and I bet thousands of people share the same opinion. Contracts and Absolution met people’s disappointment, not all of people of course. I was bitter to see remakes of missions in HC be worse than the first, uncut gemstones which missions from C47 turned out to be. Absolution’s story is it’s biggest flaw. You’re not paid assassin here that kills off top honchos of the crime world around the globe, you’re just a rogue, hell bent on “search & rescue” and dealing with such insignificant characters as Dom Osmond.
I’d love new Hitman to be a lot like C47, where you deal with “the targets larger than life”, just like @Dev_Chand pointed out.


C47: 1
SA: 10
Contracts: 10
BM: 10
Abs: 0

C47: 2
SA: 3
Contracts: 4
Blood Money: 5
Absolution: 2

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