Best NPC quotes


How’d you get the Vampire Magician on Colorado?


that’s kotti’s video and that was the server glitch


“Hey it’s a jester you available for kids parties” Corky escalation! Lol


GUy in Sapienza tells me to put big boy pants on…speaking of big boys, once I bumped into someone on Colorado, and they said “Watch it, big boy.” Fucking weirded me out.


“Yeah! Get him, Steve!”
(Steves gets knocked out cold)
"Eh… Next time, Steve!


I went on a rampage in Paris and shot at some guards with an assault rifle. One yelled out “Target’s suffering from Stormtrooper Syndrome!”


Lmao yeah that’s a good one. I love how guards have different comments depending on how well you hit people.


"Are you hiding from the police? Are you a bad Boy!? Uuh i bet you are! I like that!"


That’s just annoying and stupid, at least Thimbleweed Park made it funny and amazing. (They’re gonna release an uncensored version in the near future too, though I loved the beep style, great comedic effect)


Finally got the Steve quote.


This is a funny one I suppose. :laughing:


Heard a new one today. Lol


It’s called a placeholder sound. It used to happen when a dialogue was written but not recorded. We used a speak generating software to create ‘real’ placeholder lines, but at times the beeps came through. Don’t think they are there anymore :slight_smile:


That’s a shame. It’s created some great comedy moments for me. Especially when the priest uses it.


Hah didn’t realize but this video is where I got the Steve quote from. Too damn funny. Lol.


Thanks for clarifying @Fredrik_IOI! I had honestly thought that someone at IOI had put it in as a joke.


A shot at the Kardashians? Tsk tsk, @Travis_IOI & IOI. Tsk tsk. :joy:


Nice found lol! Never heard that one before.


Not exactly a hidden line but

Also when you fire off unsilenced shots near a group of guards and they say “Holy shit you hear that boys? Someone’s got a new toy.” The way he says it gets me every time. It was the first line I heard when I shot the Striker outside of the escalation. Damn right I have a new toy.


The Kardashian one really cracked me up :slight_smile:

I’m surprised no-one mentioned the one from one of the technicians, in the training facility, upon sabotaging the craft escape pod, and sending the guy up high, very high.

“Holy crap, that shit is definitely not part of the plan”

It’s quite funny because it’s not really in line with the bloody incident …