Best NPC quotes


“Will somebody please shoot this son of a whore?!” - Viktor Novikov after being held at gunpoint, 2016.


“What do you want? If you want something, I can give it to you!” Dalia will do anything after being held at gunpoint.


“No no no no! This is like Abiatti throwing me down that well again!”
“Please, I’m still a virgin! :sob: Don’t hurt me!”

  • Silvio Caruso after being held at gunpoint (Damn these gunpoint quotes are good)


“I-I don’t like Caruso… I hate him! He’s- he’s so smug!” - Another gunpoint quote from Francesca DeSantis.


“I have a dog called pickles!” - Ken Morgan at gunpoint.


“Get that f*cking thing out of my face!” What thing, Penelope?


“I’m just a lawer. Relax, baldy!” - Yuki Yamazaki at gunpoint

:frowning: Why do they always poke fun at my bald head?


OH AWESOME! LET’S ALL GET NAKED.NAKY NAKY :joy::rofl::laughing: never heard that line before, was lmao


What, really? No one wants to get naked? Ok…



Thanks for the nice clip of this one. I heard it once and couldn’t get it to trigger again.

I borrowed the link for here: